In a news release, Bruker Daltonics and Australia’s HealthLinx announced a collaboration to find biomarkers useful for detecting complications in pregnancy.

The deal involves Bruker’ ClinProt platform. Greg Rice of HealthLinx and Gongyi Shi of Bruker Daltonics’ Fremont, California, lab discovered the biomarkers as a result of the two companies’ ongoing collaboration. Both will be recognised as co-inventors.

Under the new agreement, Bruker Daltonics and HealthLinx will file a joint PCT patent application and share costs associated with the patent and development of the biomarkers. The patent will focus on the use of the biomarkers as a diagnostic test for the detection of “Complications of Pregnancy”. It is envisaged that the test will be a blood test performed at the first antenatal visit and/or subsequently during pregnancy. The test will seek to diagnose women with a predisposition to a number of complications in pregnancy: pre-eclampsia, pre-term labour, miscarriage and gestational diabetes. Women will be classified as either having a high risk or a low risk of developing complications of pregnancy, allowing the gynecologist and/or general practitioner to undertake more appropriate management and/or intervention strategies during the pregnancy to improve outcomes for both mother and baby.