On September 12, 2007, Medidata Solutions, Tessella and United BioSource Corporation will deliver their third joint webinar in a series. The topic: adaptive clinical trials. The presenters are Hugh Levaux, vice president of product strategy for Medidata Solutions; Tom Parke, head of clinical trial solutions at Tessella; and Mike Borkowski, general manager of clinical technologies group at UBC. We’ve got an article featuring Mr. Borkowski soon to debut on the site.

The American College of Radiology (ACR) appoints Michael J. Morales as the general manager of ACR Image Metrix, a for-profit CRO and subsidiary of ACR. Michael Morales will be responsible for the strategic, tactical, and financial operations of ACR Image Metrix, which offers a complete range of imaging CRO services, from study design to design of electronic data forms and image archiving, to image interpretation and quantification. “ACR is proud to have such an accomplished professional leading ACR Image Metrix. We are confident that Michael’s guidance will enable Image Metrix to produce important advances that will benefit patients worldwide,” said Harvey L. Neiman, ACR’s executive director.

Pharsight Corporation, a provider of software, strategic and regulatory services for optimizing clinical drug development, announced that they have issued academic licenses to support more than 3,500 students and teachers at 360 leading pharmacy and medical schools throughout the world. “There continues to be a scarcity of scientific talent to perform industrial modeling and simulation,” notes Shawn O’Connor, president, CEO and chairman of Pharsight. “To help address this issue, Pharsight’s academic licensing program provides free licenses to the latest versions of our modeling and simulation tools for use by students and teachers.”

Premier Research Group, a CRO, is looking for opportunities to buy a CRO, according to Centerwatch. Since 2004, Premier Research has been on an acquisition spree. In July 2007, the company purchased its two latest CROs, ARS and D-TARGET.

Averion International, a CRO that provides clinical research and staffing services, and Biocancer, a Brazil-based company focusing on oncology and drug development services, announced a non-exclusive partnership to jointly market and contract complementary services. Philip Lavin, CEO of Averion International said: “This agreement expands our reach to South America, providing us with access to leading clinical sites and large patient populations. Biocancer has established relationships with highly qualified and experienced personnel and we are pleased to partner with Biocancer as we grow our oncology CRO offering.”

LAB Research, an international non-clinical contract research organization (CRO) providing pre-clinical research services, said it will double the size of its Laval pre-clinical research laboratories in Montreal, Canada, over the next few years, from 87,000 square feet to 170,000 square feet at a cost of $40 million, including scientific equipment. The expansion will mean LAB Research can move into more sophisticated and higher-value areas of research, such as safety pharmacology and immunology.

AAIPharma, a CRO, laid off 46 employees in July. Ludo Reynders, the CEO of AAIPharma, said: “It’s a question of balancing where we put resources.” Reynders also said that AAIPharma remains on strong footing with the acquisition of two foreign companies in the past year and a surge in head count. When the company left Chapter 11 protection last year, it had 926 employees worldwide. It now has more than 1,290—a 40 percent increase.

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