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Profile: Quanticate

Does Clinical Data Matter?

July 20, 2012

Every year, across the globe, hundreds of new companies enter clinical development. Venture capitalists, academic scientists, refugees from big pharma—all of them invigorate and enliven industry science. But awareness of best practices in clinical development isn't always evenly distributed. Certain domains of knowledge (command of a therapeutic area, say) seem to be more comprehensively represented in young companies. That's a concern at Quanticate, a contract research organization (CRO) that specializes in data management and biostatistics. "A lot of these are virtual companies with venture capital backing," says CEO and chairman David Underwood, who sat down with a reporter at the 2012 Drug Information Association annual meeting in Philadelphia. "They have clinical backgrounds. They don't grasp the importance of the biostatistical design and analysis." Rescue Situation In a startup biopharma environment, every dollar, every euro is precious. It can be tempting to allocate limited resources to areas that seem likely to help…more...

The Waife Approach

Rethinking Change Orders

June 16, 2011

A while back, we ran an article about Joseph Anderson, principal associate at Waife & Associates. He is advocating a new approach to how change orders are handled. Change orders, of…more...

Icon's Safety System

With The End In Mind

June 10, 2011

The pace is glacial. But everything the pharmaceutical industry does is becoming more centralized, more standardized—and more electronic. Electrocardiograms (ECGs) are one example. Another is the computer-aided review of endpoints in…more...

When Small Is Smart

Omnicare and Specialization

May 05, 2011

By appearances, the services offered by 1,000-employee Omnicare CR are identical to those performed by any large or mid-sized contract research organization (CRO). Omnicare handles the same standard therapeutic areas, the…more...

Advice from Avoca, Otsuka

On Being Proactive

April 27, 2011

Late last month, in sun-blasted Phoenix, the 2011 Partnerships In Clinical Trials conference featured Denise Calaprice-Whitty of The Avoca Group. We had interviewed Calaprice-Whitty last year, for this article, and had privately hoped to coast through her presentation. But that proved impossible, as she had new data. We paid close attention. Her employer is specializing in mapping…more...

Partnerships 2011

CRO Industry Outlook

April 04, 2011

So far, the contract research organization (CRO) industry has been in an enviable place. The fortunes of most CROs have been healthy despite the ailing dynamics of the economy and the major biotech, drug and device firms that hire CROs. All that could be on the cusp of a shift, according to last week's Partnerships In Clinical…more...

India & Beyond

Why ClinTec Is Growing

March 09, 2011

It's a universal challenge for any contract research organization (CRO). How to standardize complex processes but still remain sufficiently agile to serve customers? It seems to be a test that ClinTec International is passing with ease. President, founder and CEO Rabinder Buttar is a high-profile executive in Scotland, where the firm's headquarters are. Even though her firm…more...

Appreciating Repositories

Eliassen: Clinical Data Specialists

December 24, 2010

It's a great debate, and far from over. Some analysts predict the large contract research organizations (CRO) will eventually manage the bulk of industry-sponsored research. Others predict that mid-tier and specialty CROs will command a greater share of clinical trials as the giants struggle to take care of small customers as well as they pamper megaclients. Or…more...

Faux Partnerships

Obituary For Change Orders?

Using no jargon, an executive from Waife discusses the realities of clinical trial outsourcing in the modern era

Facing Extinction?

The Great Data Debate

A refreshing conference discussion on the future of clinical trial data managers

Schizophrenic RFPs?

PharmaNet On Late Phase

The company discusses what makes Phase IV projects different.

Perceptive & MCC

For Imaging, Standard Metrics

The IT division of Parexel will defer to an industry organization’s definitions for imaging project reports.

Survey Data

Site Solutions Summit

An annual conference enables clinical site leaders to compare notes and share business practices.

Performance, Rewarded

Quintiles Elite Site Program

The top CRO explains how it helps a few sites start 30 percent faster.

FSP Finder

A General Clinical Contractor

Michael Harte discusses a different way of working with functional service providers.

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