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Big Pharma = TBTI?

CTMS Transition at Merck

February 29, 2012

We always look forward to the publication of a new TouchBriefings. The British firm's projects delve a bit deeper. TouchBriefings addresses the knottier questions facing the industry. Visually, its articles resemble those in a peer-reviewed journal. Late in 2011, a publication from the TouchBriefings team was dedicated to one topic, the increasingly pivotal clinical trial management system (CTMS). The TouchBriefing editorial package includes an interview with Christopher Heider, who is a director of IT for Merck's research effort. Don't hold us to this. The details are few. But it sounds as if the new team at Merck pulled together its own people and folks from Schering and Organon, which Schering had acquired. They decided to make a gradual transition away from Parexel's Impact CTMS and toward Oracle's Siebel CTMS. Having said that, there are no additional details on exactly how trials are migrated from two huge, customized CTMS to a third.…more...

25K transactions monthly

Pharma Banks On Greenphire

November 14, 2011

Since time immemorial, sponsor firms have chosen software. Then it gets introduced, so to speak, to the throats of research sites. Sometimes principal investigators and clinical research associates (CRAs) like the…more...

Sleek & Speedy

GoBalto Study Startup

April 01, 2011

In the unofficial design manual for clinical trial software programs, there are numerous unwritten rules but only a single severe commandment. Any new solution must have exactly 52,009 powerful and essential…more...

Medidata, SAS Alliance

Strong Clinical Data Custody

June 15, 2010

While it supports a cottage industry of professionals, manually pushing piles of clinical trial data along from one system to the next isn't necessarily the most efficient way of doing things.…more...

Site Aid

Patient Debit Cards

May 04, 2010

Karen Hultberg was frustrated. The administrator of the New York Hospital Queens' Lang Research Center was trying to do more studies. But there was a big obstacle: for each research subject's check, she had make a separate request to the hospital's finance department. Each check—typically for $25 or $50—took one to three months to obtain and mail.…more...

Pleasant Surprises

ClearTrial Refines Budget App

April 15, 2010

One notable aspect of media coverage of clinical trials is the ready acceptance of the cost of a particular clinical research program. In every notable publication, as far as we can tell, the cost of a trial or a research program is confidently said to be so many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. The amount…more...

Excellence, Not Hugeness

Atlantic Research Offers CTMS

March 24, 2009

One man's middle of nowhere is another man's perfectly situated. That's the way Paul Bishop and Lyle Camblos see Staunton, the small Virginia town that's home to their contract research organization (CRO), Atlantic Research Group (ARG). “It's equidistant from Rockville and RTP,” says Camblos, speaking of the myriad biotech companies along the I-270 corridor in Rockville, Md.,…more...

Beyond Spreadsheets

Clinical Force: CTMS as SAAS

March 19, 2009

Even in 2009, in a context of clinical trials, "management" can mean just about anything. It may mean ... Karen, three cubicles away. Or a 5-year-old spreadsheet. Or a system that cost millions but sits unused. As a result, it's fair to say that clinical trial management systems (CTMS) do not enjoy a reputation for easy implementation,…more...

Reality-Based Budgeting

Toward Optimized Protocols

EDC firm Medidata argues that connecting protocol-optimization software to study setup will foster more efficient clinical trials.

Veeda Picks ClinPhone CTMS

Operational Data Fights Cancer

A cancer-oriented CRO says ease of use and the ability to tailor payments were key factors in its choice.

No Laptop Required

Perceptive Shrinks CTMS

IT departments like the new version of its Impact software, which now runs on a thumb drive.

Fewer Features & Faster Setup

EDC, CTMS for Biotechs From ACS

ACS talks about a new product. The company is betting the combination of EDC and CTMS will appeal to biotech firms and contract research organizations.

Expert Author

CTMS Promise Vs. Reality

Bayer’s Rob Musterer discusses why current clinical trial management systems aren’t serving the industry.

A Tale Of Two CROs

Pfizer Tackles Clinical Efficiency

With impressive numbers, Pfizer’s Mike Collins talked about how the company is streamlining its clinical trial process.

Laminated Cards For Sites

Sanofi Aventis Tries Etiquette

In the third part of our series, a softer approach to win the hearts of clinician-investigators.

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