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When EDC Is Free

Akaza Hits Its Stride

February 10, 2011

Is giving away electronic data capture (EDC) a viable strategy? Yes. Even as the top suppliers of EDC get even larger, some of the smaller providers are still prospering. A case in point is Akaza Research, which created the free OpenClinica solution and prospers by selling additional services and support. This week, the company released a new test or beta version of its software. That version streamlines getting data out of the EDC system to facilitate analysis for operational and statistical purposes. You can read more about the software's ability to support custom data transformations here. With 30 full-time employees, the company must be responsive to a thriving community of 11,000 folks who need no help in understanding the improbable idea of open source software for the pharmaceutical industry. "We see a tremendous increase in both understanding and acceptance of the open source model," says Cal Collins, Akaza's co-founder and CEO…more...

The eSource Fiasco

What Is An eCRF?

February 03, 2011

"Source" or "esource" could be on the grapevine this year, as sponsors scramble to determine if their systems comply with a new draft guidance from the FDA. It was issued in…more...

Cmed's System

EDC Speed Burst

December 14, 2010

In the short life of the internet so far, electronic data capture (EDC) came of age at an inopportune time. The top EDC solutions were born in the age of beeping…more...

FDA Plea

Next Big Things from Nextrials

November 22, 2010

Nextrials is a small but visionary San Francisco-based electronic data capture (EDC) firm. It had some ideas that took competitors years to duplicate. Nextrials offered built-in patient randomization, drug supply and…more...

What's Our Number?

Medidata EDC Enhancements

October 22, 2010

At all large technology companies, innovation dies. Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Intuit may claim to invent. But year after year, their ostensibly new products are indistinguishable from older ones. Could any ordinary human differentiate between phones or PCs from 2005 and 2010? Which are more glaring: the engineered security holes in Adobe's Flash plugin, or the file synchronization…more...

Digesting The Deals

Can Oracle Be Small?

September 08, 2010

Way, way back in 2004, your correspondent covered a small Tennessee software company, SiteWorks Solutions. Oracle bought it and, uncharacteristically for Oracle, wanted to discuss the purchase. We interviewed executives at Oracle and SiteWorks. It seemed like a sound strategy. In the years afterward, we would periodically ask Oracle how that deal had worked out. Were Oracle…more...

Part Two

Site Pain With EDC

July 09, 2010

Investigator sites accept the need for technology like electronic data capture (EDC). But they remain puzzled about why some problematic EDC solutions are selected by clinical trial sponsor firms that seem indifferent to the operational problems created by such systems. “Sponsors and CROs really need to think about this,” says Christine Pierre, CEO of the 16-year-old site…more...

Part One


July 08, 2010

Electronic data capture (EDC) systems allow sponsors to gather data electronically. In theory, that should be cheaper and faster. After a decade of gradual acceptance of the technology, all sponsors have used EDC systems and some rely on it heavily. Contract research organizations have followed suit. But what about clinical sites? Individual EDC vendors often claim that…more...

'Self-Funding' Model

Cognizant Of Clinical Change

A conversation with Nagaraja Srivatsan of Cognizant, an underappreciated powerhouse in clinical outsourcing.

EDC Redesign

Phase Forward Makeover

The technology firm discusses an updated version of its core offering.

Friday News

Excel, PFC Pharma Team Up

Bulletins from Generex, Arena, Campbell Alliance and UCB.

Physician IT Links

Nextrials On The Move

At the age of 10, Nextrials is aiming for an elevated competitive profile and connections to electronic health record (EHR) systems.

Webinar, New Guidance

EDC Is Dead? Long Live EHRs?

Thoughts on a potentially transformative alternative to EDC, the electronic health record (EHR).

Reorg, New CEO

etrials: Technology Will Be Key

A conversation with Denis Connaghan of etrials, who recently became the new CEO of etrials.

Magic Pen

Kayentis: Back to The Future

From France, a hybrid system that uses special paper and a scanner-pen to gather clinical data.

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