ClinPage is the top news website about services and technologies in clinical trials. Its coverage is daily and definitive. ClinPage covers more industry conferences in more depth than our competition. Our articles showcase thought leaders in the industry. Core topics include: contract research organizations (CRO), electronic data capture (EDC), drug safety, global trials, FDA policy, regulatory strategy, clinical data management, clinical data management, CDISC data standards, patient-reported outcomes and adaptive trial designs.

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The website was founded in September, 2006 by Mark Uehling, an award-winning technology journalist and the former editor of BioIT World’s eCliniqua newsletter. As a business-to-business trade publication, ClinPage is neither a library of press releases (though we publish excerpts of more of them than any of our competitors) nor a dreary list of links to stories published by other media organizations. Its reporting is original and analytical.

Years after manufacturers, banks and retailers made such investments, the pharmaceutical industry is embracing outsourcing and technology. EDC is one shift. But other services and applications are extending what sponsors can do themselves. Multiple tools and partners in a trial are now blurring the formerly stark lines between CROs and vendors. There are new types of both outsourcing and technology firms. Are headlines enough to explain it? We don’t think so. Would it be nice to have a few URLs to the companies in question? Yes.

Substantive, definitive coverage is needed to capture the complex dynamics of trials in the 21st century. ClinPage offers it. We have daily online coverage of pivotal technologies and service providers.

About Our Editor

Mark Uehling is the founder and editor of ClinPage. He lives in the Boston area. In 2003, he started the email newsletter eCliniqua while employed by BioIT World magazine. image From 2003-2006, he was the principal trade journalist offering in-depth coverage of the technology in clinical trials. He wrote major articles about adaptive trial designs, electronic data capture and handheld patient diaries. Uehling was born in the Midwest, earned a Bachelor’s degree in history from Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota, and a Master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University. Besides hundreds of articles for Newsweek, Popular Science, The Sciences, CAP Today, A&E, Bio-IT World, and other publications, he has written two children’s books about science.

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