ClinPage is a daily online publication about the operational aspects of clinical trials. We welcome editorial contributions from all participants: sponsors, investigators, contract research organizations, clinical sites, consultants and technology firms. Articles on ClinPage can help authors and affiliated organizations gain visibility in a crowded, ever-changing industry.

ClinPage encourages readers to submit insights and knowledge of the details of their work. Over time, the sharing of approaches and techniques directly benefits both the conduct of clinical trials and society at large.

The easily-located nature of information on the internet will play a vital role in elevating the art, science and operational efficiencies of clinical trials in the 21st century. Our goal at ClinPage is to ensure our share of that information is as useful as possible.

ClinPage is eager to have articles from organizations that conduct clinical trials and from organizations that support clinical trials. If you feel ClinPage has missed an important development in the field, we'd be happy to consider an article with a different perspective.


Each article should offer practical, actionable observations about an aspect of clinical trials. Instead of a general essay on the importance of teamwork, for example, we would be interested in specific techniques to foster collaboration.

ClinPage is seeking case studies and articles about specific trials and actual problems and solutions. Other topics of interest to ClinPage include outsourcing and consulting and services that support trials. We follow the clinical databases and software surrounding global research; patient and investigator recruitment; electronic data capture; electronic patient-reported outcomes; drug safety; interactive voice response; regulatory affairs; biostatistics; data standards; and clinical trial data management.

Guidelines For Contributors:
  • Busy readers prefer brevity. Manuscripts must be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • For optimal reading on a computer screen, each paragraph should be no longer than four (4) sentences. Three sentences is usually enough.
  • Author biographies should include an email address, job title, company affiliation and be no more than 50 words in length.
  • Submitting articles in Google Docs or Writeboard format is preferred. Such online services are free. They allow documents to be version-controlled, password-protected and collectively edited without concern for applications or operating systems that authors and editors may not share.
  • Photos, charts and tables are welcome.

Articles should be of general interest to the clinical trial community. Articles should neither promote nor criticize the products or services of a single company. ClinPage is not interested in scientific or marketing-oriented articles about specific drugs, medical devices or therapeutic areas.

We recommend discussing a contribution before writing it. If you're thinking of an article, please contact the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) by email.