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With Oracle, PPD

Aptiv, New Adaptive CRO

April 28, 2011

Public Citizen, a pro-public lobbying group, has a track record of identifying drug safety issues years before they reach the boiling point at regulatory agencies. The group has just reissued a 1998 call for a ban of gloves with cornstarch powder or latex rubber, citing allergies that can affect patients and…more...

Friday News

New Vince Inpatient Facility

April 22, 2011

With funding from the Gates Foundation, the Aeras nonprofit consortium selected the electronic data capture (EDC) system of Cmed for a tuberculosis project. Cmed, a Horsham, U.K. contract research and technology firm, designed its system to work well in developing regions. Said David Connelly, Cmed's CEO: “Our Timaeus on-demand eclinical platform…more...

Monday News

FDA Dodges Shutdown

April 11, 2011

BioClinica inked seven new deals for its randomization and drug supply software during the first part of the year. The customers were not identified. But the company says that its system is so easy to configure that its salesmen, not programming geeks, can set up most of what customers need before…more...

With Millennium, Biotronik

Orgasm Science Documentary

April 05, 2011

Millennium Pharmaceuticals picked BioClinica's software for simulating and managing drug supplies in clinical trials. The technology vendor seems poised to own this small but central niche in clinical trial tools. “As we now want to improve and standardize our clinical supply forecasting and management across multiple trials with greater control than…more...

With Partnerships News

Report: Falling Preclinical Pipeline

March 31, 2011

A Wall Street financial news site says Kendle has put itself up for sale. Kendle is not commenting on the accuracy of that report. The news item is abbreviated and seems to lean on the research of industry analyst Michael Martorelli at Fairmount Partners, who ClinPage interviewed a few months ago.…more...

Adaptive Webinar

JAMA on Author Conflicts

March 28, 2011

BioClinica is touting its clinical trial management system (CTMS), which works seamlessly within the Microsoft Sharepoint environment. "Clients are choosing BioClinica because they require a superior solution that helps them to enhance and streamline their clinical processes,” said Peter Benton, president of BioClinica's eclinical solutions group. Here's a release. Statistical analysis…more...

Friday News

SMS For Trials from Almac, Exco

March 25, 2011

PPD nominated three new people to its board of directors. All are VIPs with unusually serious curriculum vitae for a job that traditionally involves four short appearances per year. Vaughn Bryson was the CEO of Lilly in the 1990s. Robert Ingram is an investment lawyer and former GSK CEO. Physician Ralph…more...

With Medidata, JNJ

Pfizer Ponders Breakup

March 15, 2011

JNJ is the subject of an unusually severe consent decree banning three of the firm's McNeil locations in Puerto Rico and Pennsylvania from manufacturing or distributing anything until quality issues are resolved. An independent organization will have to certify the company is back on track. Two company executives were named in…more...

With IRB Research

New PPD Recruitment Portal

March 10, 2011

FDA head Margaret Hamburg has been worrying about the role of the life sciences in national security and research to thwart bioterror attacks. In truth, most of the federal money lavished on bioterrorism after 9/11 went into a black hole. But in a speech last week at Pittsburgh's medical school, Hamburg…more...

Autoimmune Advance?

Australia Streamlines Trial IRBs

March 07, 2011

SAS has updated its JMP Clinical software. According to a press release, the new package "lets researchers look for patterns across all safety domains and identify similarities within subsets of subjects. Time windowing, also new, makes it easy to compare interventions, events and findings for two or more time periods. A…more...

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Plus: A Diary NDA

Adaptive Tools from Aptiv

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Friday News

Biotech Funding Trends

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Hedge Fund Deal

PPD Sold for $3.9 Billion

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Tuesday News


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With Devices News

PPD In Play

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Monday News

FDA: App Regs for Devices

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