April 25, 2019EDC

Inspired By Google

TrialStat: Better EDC Reports

With a new version of its web-based electronic data capture solution, TrialStat emphasizes reports that can easily be generated for all stakeholders in the clinical trial process. more...

Exclusive Interview

Phase Forward Moves Into Phase I

Why Phase Forward bought Green Mountain Logic, a specialist in Phase I and management of laboratory samples and data. more...

Enterprise EDC Deal

Medidata On Wyeth Win

The EDC giant talks about the meaning of the Wyeth decision and where the EDC market is headed. more...


Technology is shaping how clinical trial data managers do their jobs. A report from the 2007 meeting of the Society for Clinical Data Management. more...

Departure From Plan

2007 SCDM Conference Wrapup

Tales from the trenches of data management from this year’s annual meeting of the Society for Clinical Data Management. more...

Electric Fruit On Hyperbolic Trees

New Nextrials Tools, Customer Wins

Nextrials is using the same technologies that make consumer websites interactive. A standards-centric supplier of electronic data capture talks about recent growth. more...

70 Million Data Points

SCDM: Report From Front Lines

The evolving role of the clinical data manager, as seen through the eyes of an ordinary but nevertheless impressive data manager from CV Therapeutics. A report from the SCDM meeting. more...

DataTrak Delivers Big Savings

Hospira’s Transition To EDC

Hospira discusses the selection of an EDC vendor and the happy results. more...


Gartner distinguished analyst Carol Rozwell talks about drug safety, contract research organizations, data mining and other topics related to CDISC standards. more...

Four Cases Done, One Left

DataTrak Wins EDC Patent Case

In the latest installment of patent lawsuits roiling the electronic data capture industry, it’s not clear if the tussle is winding to a close.  more...

Follow the Metadata

SAS, Medidata Partner

The leading biostatistical house and a top EDC vendor say they have a better way to move clinical data toward analysis. more...

New (Free) U.S. Guide To Phase IV

Outcome: Why Good Registries Matter

A thought leader in the post-approval space, Outcome’s Richard Gliklich talks about a new reference work that he had a hand in. He believes well-designed registries could put regulatory agencies, academic experts and the general public at ease. more...

News For Thursday, June 14.

News Briefs

eResearch venture, FDA testimony, Sparta Systems more...


Minneapolis’s MedNet Solutions offers low-cost electronic data capture and a platform that manages investigator payments, regulatory documents and clinical data. The company’s Tim Pratt explains what sets the firm apart. more...


The Florida company wants to play in the big leagues. Stephen Johnson, a former Oracle Clinical executive, talks about his company’s advantages. more...

EDC As A Weapon

Kendle Chooses ClinPhone

After building in-house electronic data capture systems for two previous employers in big pharma, Sylva Collins picks ClinPhone for Kendle. She predicts faster adoption of EDC than is widely expected. more...

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