May 23, 2019EDC

Is Phase III Attractive?

IDC Analyst On EDC Trends

IDC is preparing a new research report by Chris Connor: “U.S. Electronic Data Capture 2006-2010 Forecast and Analysis.” IDC forecasts robust growth. Connor also predicts Phase II trials will slowly become more profitable for the vendor community than Phase III projects.  more...

Company wins 315 new projects

Phoenix Data Systems: Strong Quarter

The Philadelphia electronic data capture (EDC) firm reports a banner fourth quarter, with $9.5 million in new contracts and six new customers. more...

If Jobs Ran A Drug Company

Imagining The i-Pill

Gaze into the future with us. Suppose the year is 2017, and a major drug company makes Steve Jobs an offer he can’t refuse. more...

Key 2007 Themes

EDC = Clinical Electricity

It is finally archaic to think of electronic data capture (EDC) as risky, unproven or experimental. The technology is here to stay. The industry is focusing on what EDC can do, not its limitations or cost. more...

Phase Forward Touts Reports, Safety

Using InForm In Academia

Academics at Dana-Farber are just as keen as industry to combine electronic data capture and drug safety tools. Phase Forward’s InForm software can also use the hospital’s patient registration system to populate fields of demographic data needed in the trial. more...

Academic Center Picks Phase Forward

Dana-Farber Falls For EDC

An early user of the technology, the Boston cancer center rolls out electronic data capture for its largest, most complex study. more...

Optimizing Clinical Architecture

What Should Be At The Hub?

What should be at the center of any system to manage clinical trial data? Who can build it? How much of the functionality can be handled by electronic data capture (EDC)? more...

EDC via MSIE v. 7

Medidata Supports New Browser

The people at Medidata feel that the appropriate support of the clinical trial site community obliges them to take any new browser seriously. So they’re happy to extoll the virtues of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer v.7. more...

Goal: 100% of New Studies On EDC

AstraZeneca: EDC For The Enterprise

AstraZeneca explains how and why the company decided to embark on a transition to a commercial EDC supplier. A deep assessment of process change will be part of the company’s approach. more...

Transition To New EDC Platform

DataTrak: High Revenue Opportunity

Quarterly revenues rose 8 percent, to $4.4 million. The company posted a loss of $1.3 million. A somber and reflective Jeff Green, president and CEO of DataTrak, spoke to Wall Street analysts earlier this month. more...


AstraZeneca will be replacing an in-house EDC solution. more...

User Interface Updated

Earnings, Product News at etrials

Gross revenues for the third quarter jumped 46 percent to $4.8 million from $3.3 million. There are signs etrials may be gaining larger, more sophisticated customers. more...

Service From Medidata

Amgen On EDC Rollout

The California biotech is doing 40 EDC studies this year and plans to double that figure in 2007. By 2008, Baca said, virtually all of Amgen’s trials will use EDC. The challenge was not in doing a few trials using EDC. more...

White Paper, Interview

DataTrak’s EDC Pricing Manifesto

DataTrak CEO Jeff Green says it’s time for less brutal contract negotiations and, he hopes, a more mutually supportive relationship between the companies that pay for clinical trials and those that supply technology. more...

Japanese Firm To Standardize

Astellas Picks Medidata For All EDC Work

A Japanese pharma, Astellas, chose Medidata Solutions for all of its electronic data capture (EDC) needs in trials in Asia, North America and Europe.  more...

Octagon, etrials, Medidata, DataTrak On List.

Deloitte Names Fast 500

Deloitte’s annual compilation of fast-growing technology companies has a number of leading names specializing in expediting clinical trials. more...

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