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More than you might want to know about changes to the process of how advisory committee members are selected. more...

New Stats Linkage

Seeing Clinical Data Sooner

Peg Regan discusses the industry’s desire to connect multiple systems and peek inside closed systems. more...


How a small North Carolina CRO is rethinking clinical trial technology, services and costs. more...


A Philadelphia company has a system to expedite payments to payments. more...

Outsourcing, Inverted

Cheaper Trials At OneWorld

OneWorld explains how it delivers scientific excellence and low budgets in a nonprofit context. more...


The thinking behind the Phase Forward purchase of Waban Software. more...

R U Txtng Px Yet?

Pfizer Picks Exco SMS

Exco InTouch discusses Pfizer’s endorsement, and the use of its technology in a new type of project. more...


Feasibility studies are becoming more accepted, but misconceptions may also be proliferating. Thoughts from MDS Pharma. more...

Next Generation EDC

Tools Supporting Adaptive Trials

Two authors from ClinPhone consider how electronic data capture can facilitate adaptive trials. more...

Process Parallel To FDA

New SAS Safety Tool

How should the industry be working with drug safety data? SAS recommends more data sources and more consistency. more...

Webinar: Tessella, United Biosource

Adaptive Designs: The Regulatory Issues

Two leading firms, Tessella and United Biosource, discuss the perception that regulators are trying to slow down the adoption of adaptive designs. more...

Harvard Prof On Stats Shifts

Pssst! Need To Change An End Point?

A biostatician with deep NIH and FDA ties talks about general guidelines for changing primary end points. Plus, the M-word. more...


Inspired by Web 2.0 tools that foster sharing and collaboration, Insightful Software released new software to generate charts and graphs in a regulated setting. more...

Conference Preview

Daiichi-Sankyo On PRO Math

A Japanese pharma talks about patient diaries and biostatistical concerns. more...

CRO Sounds Cautionary Note

PharmaNet on Adaptive Designs

Could the best-laid plans for adaptive trials have unexpected results? more...

CRO Revenue Impact?

Adaptive Trials Insights From UBC

United BioSource talks about resources (its own and others) for adaptive trials. more...

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