June 26, 2019CTMS

Master Service Agreements

Lilly Playing Favorites

In the second segment of our series on investigator relationship management, Lilly discusses plans to zero in on high-performing sites. more...

Goal: Improve Investigator Ties

Wyeth’s Site Initiative

Sponsors are abuzz about site relationship management (SRM). In the first installment of our series, Wyeth describes its efforts to become the sponsor of choice. more...

Exclusive Interview

Phase Forward Moves Into Phase I

Why Phase Forward bought Green Mountain Logic, a specialist in Phase I and management of laboratory samples and data. more...

Real-Time Lab Data

LabPas Tools For Phase I, EDC

Green Mountain Logic is prospering by helping Phase I clinical sites with labs, scheduling and recruitment. Some predictions about the CRO industry usage of the software. more...

Appeal In Biotech, CRO Sectors

A Challenger: The ClinPhone CTMS

Some customers invest in a clinical trial management system for better visibility into a trial. Others like owning their data for future projects. more...


Software from a Chicago company starts with financial aspects of clinical trials, but ultimately attempts to plan more successful trials. more...

Avoiding Unnecessary Waste

Drug Supply And IVRS

Perceptive Informatics and Tourtellotte Consulting are partners. ClinPage talks with Perceptive’s Jean-Remy Behaeghel about how drug supplies should be managed in complex trials.   more...

Software from Tourtellotte Solutions

On Managing Drug Supply

Software can help with the underlying goal: to understand how each assumption, however minor or mundane, can affect levels of drug supply. more...

Optimizing Clinical Architecture

What Should Be At The Hub?

What should be at the center of any system to manage clinical trial data? Who can build it? How much of the functionality can be handled by electronic data capture (EDC)? more...


Without even jumping into EDC, Sanofi-Aventis has built a powerful, economical reporting system that seems to serve both upper management and study teams. more...


Independent research firm says sponsors of clinical trials will increasingly need services and technology from both firms. more...

CTMS Co. Joins Academic Group

ACS Joins Clinical Research Forum

Advanced Clinical Software (ACS) has joined the Clinical Research Forum IT Roundtable. more...


The firm has new web-based software to plan patient recruitment using real-time data. The system has been rebuilt from the ground up to use EDC, IVR and CTMS data. more...

Custom-built Solution

Aptuit Supply CTMS

Aptuit expands its Clinicopia Labeling system, adding it to the Clinical Packaging and Logistics suite and rolling it out to company facilities at all major global locations. more...

McClellan, Apotex, Phase Forward, Omnicomm

9.06.2006 News Briefs


Two patients go home in trial run by Parexel. more...

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