May 26, 2019Eclinical

Dictionary Quandary

5 Definitions of “Eclinical”

What “eclinical” should mean or might mean. An attempt at a definition. And a dietary adventure. more...

Interoperable Platform

Medidata’s Eclinical Vision

Glen de Vries of Medidata discusses the company’s effort to create an ecosystem for clinical trial software. more...


Chuck Piccirillo discusses the company’s strengths and current direction. more...

19 Firms, 9 Categories

Tout L’eclinical Suites

The debut of our list of suites—integrated technology firms or services firms providing at least three major types of research systems. more...

IVR Firm Sold For 15X Revenues

Clarix Bought by Phase Forward

A top EDC firm pays generously for a provider of randomization and drug supply management. more...

Standards Champions

Forward-Looking Systems At NCI

The National Cancer Institute’s Ken Buetow talks about standards and systems in the caBIG project. more...


Standards, interactive voice response, EDC, trial management systems, adaptive designs—CEO Steve Kent discusses the tools in the ClinPhone arsenal. more...

Clinical Middleware

Making EDC Integration Work

Tying electronic data capture (EDC) to other systems remains a challenge, our authors say. The second article in a series. more...

Special Report, Part 2

EDC Firms’ CRO Strategies

In this installment, two leading EDC supplier discuss what they’re doing to appeal to—and collaborate with—CROs. more...

Shark Repellent

Empirica From Phase Forward

A new name for the safety products from Phase Forward, plus insights into faster responses to safety crises. more...

EDC & Imaging Combination

Bio-Imaging, PDS Seek More Size

Why Bio-Imaging bought a top electronic data capture company. more...

Fewer Features & Faster Setup

EDC, CTMS for Biotechs From ACS

ACS talks about a new product. The company is betting the combination of EDC and CTMS will appeal to biotech firms and contract research organizations. more...

Facing Frustrated Sponsors

Almac’s EDC, IVR Combo

Almac Clinical Technologies is adding electronic data capture to its expedited service offering. more...

Minimizing Data Re-entry

ClinPhone Combines EDC, IVR

A top technology supplier discusses the merits of combining two vital tools in a robust manner. more...

What Would Dennis Do?

7 Questions: Parexel-ClinPhone Deal

The ramifications of a deal that may never come to pass. more...

Details For Wall Street

Phase Forward 2007 Financials

Thoughts on the company’s recent conference call with financial analysts. more...

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