May 26, 2019Recruiting

Survey Lessons

J&J on Informed Consent

BBC criticism spurred J&J to look more closely at its informed consent form. more...

Poised for Growth

India Is Hot

In the first installment of our series on trials in India, we look at the upsides, downsides and numbers. more...


BBK Worldwide discusses how to find patients for the most problematic trials. more...

Lilly, Centocor, Pfizer

2009 Clinical Trials Congress

In a sobering but illuminating first day, the 2009 Clinical Trials Congress surveyed the industry and considered a new idea: economics. more...

Crowdsourcing Drug Safety

iGuard Turns One

iGuard expected to draw 60,000 members in a year. Instead, it attracted 750,000. The coming shift in strategy—and genomics. more...

Guided By Duke, FDA

CTTI: A Ray Of Hope?

At the RAPS conference, FDA and Duke discuss the audacious Clinical Trial Transformation Initiative. more...

An Army Of Nurses

CRN: Recruitment Specialists

Things are still going well at CRN, which relies on a network of nurses that can visit patients at home. more...

'In The Boat' With Acurian

Data-Driven Patient Recruitment

The patient-recruitment firm talks about using the right data and spending what is necessary. more...

Invivodata Claims Third Of Market

Site Surge: ePRO Update

The Pittsburgh diary company invivodata has been dredging up facts about patient-reported outcomes. more...


Four clinical organizations in Massachusetts have come together to help regions that want to get more of the global medical research pie. more...

Kendle, Langland, Dybedal

Finding More Patients Globally

The tribulations of filling your trial in the era of global studies. A report from the 2008 DIA conference. more...

DIA Pre-think

Rivers of Clinical Bits

What’s different this year. Random thoughts on our personal nemesis, paper, and the alternative. more...

Business As Usual

Wyeth on FDAAA

Joseph Camardo spoke at the Post-Approval Summit at Harvard, and was wicked smart. Even so, what he didn’t say perturbed us. more...


Consultant Ron Waife of Waife & Associates discusses what eclinical means and why it matters. more...


The conference industry should borrow an idea from the medical journals, our guest author says. more...

Modern Data Monitoring

Lilly On EDC Changes

Lilly discusses how data management is changing in the era of electronic data capture. more...

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