May 26, 2019Safety

Pondering EHR Access

Relsys: Beyond Clinical Data

Data from physician offices and hospitals is the next frontier in industry’s assessment of drug safety, Relsys asserts. more...

Ready for REMS

Relsys On Managing Safety

Relsys says the industry is moving beyond simple reports, and toward bigger systems. more...

'Absolutely overwhelming'


FDA’s Sandy Kweder painted a portrait of an agency straining to deliver on the many elements of FDAAA. more...

New Woodcock Role?

PhRMA Safety Surveillance Pilot

PhRMA hopes to assist FDA in a broader effort to detect safety signals. more...

Business As Usual

Wyeth on FDAAA

Joseph Camardo spoke at the Post-Approval Summit at Harvard, and was wicked smart. Even so, what he didn’t say perturbed us. more...

Database Finds 150K Patients

In Silico Studies By i3 Innovus

The health outcomes division of the i3 brand discusses trials that are professionally designed and run on the computer. more...


University of Maryland physicist Adil Shamoo, founder of CIRCARE, says there are gaps in existing law that leave patients exposed. more...

Shark Repellent

Empirica From Phase Forward

A new name for the safety products from Phase Forward, plus insights into faster responses to safety crises. more...

A-List Of Speakers At Harvard

Post-Approval? Or Pre-Apocalypse?

With Mark McClellan and Janet Woodcock on the agenda, the Outcome meeting will be another illuminating event this year. more...

Strategies from Wyeth, Actelion & Pfizer

CTC 2008: Proactive Risk Abatement

A report from the Clinical Trials Congress about risk. One message: start a regulatory conversation early. And consult your preclinical team. more...

Litigation Into Perpetuity?

Drug Safety: A Lawyer’s View

A lawyer says litigation illuminates how the pharmaceutical industry thinks and conducts itself. A few forward-looking statements. more...

Trasylol, Bayer & Three Mile Island

Drug Safety Story Time

Reflections on the power of narrative and the industry’s wobbly reputation. more...

Less Dictionary-Based Pain

Updated Phase Coding Tool

Updating Central Coding for InForm, Phase Forward tries to simplify the management of vital dictionaries like WHO Drug and MedDRA. more...

Fringe Movements

Ode To Abigail

With the Supreme Court putting a long-simmering case to rest, we take a look at the lessons of the Abigail Alliance. more...


The first class action settlement for Vioxx is good news for Merck but will play out differently for industry. more...

Three Ticking Clocks

Bayer Halts Trasylol Sales

With journal editors in charge of drug safety, the political system has failed the industry and the public. more...

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