May 26, 2019Trends

Knowledge Gap

A Deep Process Problem

Is the industry using conferences and publications correctly, or is it just reinventing things that should more properly be refined? more...

Staying On Track

Icon: This Too Shall Pass

Icon discusses its philosophy and the roots of its recent success. more...

Robust Growth

New Parexel Sourcebook

Parexel releases mostly heartening statistics about the industry, tabulated as of late 2008. more...

Vagelos Podcast

Merck’s Wise Man

Reflections on today’s podcast—excerpts from a speech by Roy Vagelos, who lead Merck during the late 1980s and 1990s. more...

Reuben, Baystate, Pfizer

Exclusive: Fraud Postmortem

A research scandal at a Tufts facility shows that peer review cannot identify scientific fraud quickly. more...


Thoughts on the numerical implications of the impending mega mergers between Pfizer-Wyeth and Merck-Schering-Plough. more...


Reflections on the new year and what pharma should do to avoid a pounding from politicians. more...

Litigation Avoidance

How to Not Get Sued

To avoid lawsuits, train employees to pretend a lawyer is reading every email, text message and Microsoft Word document. more...

Setting The Record Straight

The Future of ODM, SDTM and CDISC

Despite a cancelled FDA pilot project, CDISC leaders explain why the ODM data standard still matters. more...

100 Languages Spoken Here

Profile: Global Language Solutions

With ISO certification, a California firm tries to lower regulatory risks inherent in translation by ensuring high quality—and avoiding mistakes. more...

Great '08 Contraction

Pfizer, GSK Reassess R&D

Thoughts on recent sponsor news: GSK cuts hundreds of R&D jobs and Pfizer abandons cardiovascular disease. more...

Vendor Amnesty

Shooting Our Hobbits

Reflections on a certain Situation and what may be a not uncommon predicament. more...

19 Firms, 9 Categories

Tout L’eclinical Suites

The debut of our list of suites—integrated technology firms or services firms providing at least three major types of research systems. more...

Diagnostic Inspiration

Almac Launches Discovery Effort

Using genomic expertise, the Almac Group starts a search for its own compounds. more...

Author Interview

Paxil Lawsuit Narrative

In Side Effects, reporter Alison Bass delves into the New York Attorney General’s 2004 case against GlaxoSmithKline. more...

Swearing Off Paper?

Electronic Signature Update

The SAFE-Biopharma Association is hoping to nudge the pharmaceutical industry toward a single electronic signature standard. more...

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