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When Small Is Smart

Omnicare and Specialization

May 05, 2011

By appearances, the services offered by 1,000-employee Omnicare CR are identical to those performed by any large or mid-sized contract research organization (CRO). Omnicare handles the same standard therapeutic areas, the same typical functional areas of work such as trial setup, project management, monitoring and SAS programming. Appearances, of course, are not always representative of the energetic thrust of a company. James Pusey, chairman and CEO of Omnicare CR, had previously helped turn around a division of MDS Pharma prior to its sale to Inc Research. Last week Pusey helped to finalize the sale of Omnicare CR to investors at Nautic Partners for an undisclosed sum. He'll continue on as the chief of Omnicare CR, which will eventually be renamed to avoid confusion with its former corporate parent, a nursing home chain. Pusey notes that several big CROs were in the bidding for Omnicare, and that Nautic was chosen partly for…more...

Partnerships 2011

CRO Industry Outlook

April 04, 2011

So far, the contract research organization (CRO) industry has been in an enviable place. The fortunes of most CROs have been healthy despite the ailing dynamics of the economy and the…more...

Clinical Efficiency Series

Do CROs Help?

October 05, 2010

Sponsors are not only dissatisfied with the efficiency of their outsourcing relationships, but are also increasingly dissatisfied with their outcomes. The percentage of sponsors that is satisfied with the performance of…more...

Not An SMO

AMR: An 18-Site Alliance

June 09, 2010

In the early 1990s, site management organizations (SMOs) began to form. The idea was simple. Sponsors would be happier if they could go to a single company that served as the…more...

IRBs Are Next

Brazil’s CRO Association

December 15, 2008

Brazil is one of only two Latin American countries (besides Argentina) to have its own contract research organization (CRO) association, and one of only a handful of countries on Earth to do so. That alone speaks volumes about the maturity and size of its clinical research market. Launched in 2006, the Brazilian association is called Associação Brasileira…more...

CFO Gone, Revenues Down

Ongoing Challenges at Encorium

June 02, 2008

Things aren’t going so great for Wayne, Pa.-based contract research organization (CRO) Encorium Group (Nasdaq: ENCO). In April, its CFO/executive vice president/secretary/general counsel for the last four years got hired away by Southborough, Mass.-based CRO Averion InternationalPenn…more...

IDC Analyst

Slow Alignment of EDC, CRO Firms

May 02, 2008

As contract research organizations (CRO) struggle to launch not just more trials but more complex studies, tension is built-in. A sponsor may ask that the CRO use a particular electronic data capture (EDC) supplier. But the sheer profusion of EDC vendors obligates some CROs to learn more than one system. Therein lies the rub. It’s as if…more...

Fringe Movements

Ode To Abigail

January 22, 2008

Last week, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal of another court’s rejection of the suit brought by The Abigail Alliance for Better Access to Developmental Drugs. We hope that legal defeat allows Abigail to rest. With any luck, the Supreme Court has slowed a quixotic and ill-informed quest that began in 2003 with a…more...

Friday News Briefs

Phase Forward In India

With news about Ranbaxy, Cedara, PHT, ChemDiv and etrials

Thursday News

Pfizer Earnings Fall

News about ICON, ethica, SAFE and CRIX.

Tuesday News Briefs

Medtronic Recall

News from Pharsight, TrialStat, NNIT, EmPower, Reagan-Udall Center.

Lilly, Arbios, Novo Nordisk

Wednesday News Briefs

Bulletins for October 3, 2007

Covance, Arizona Trial Center

Friday News Briefs

Bulletins for September 28, 2007

No recipients named

Quintiles Makes Venture Investments

Quintiles financial arm backed 16 companies last year. Overall, since inception to date, the Quintiles arm says it has shepherded more than $1.6 billion to small biotech firms.

Company raises $3M

Geospiza Completes Financing Round

The company is a member of Microsoft’s BioIT Alliance and, as of August, was collaborating with Applied Biosystems.

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