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Pharma Banks On Greenphire

November 14, 2011

Since time immemorial, sponsor firms have chosen software. Then it gets introduced, so to speak, to the throats of research sites. Sometimes principal investigators and clinical research associates (CRAs) like the technologies they are obliged to use. Sometimes they just use them. So it is remarkable that Greenphire has industry-savvy research sites knocking on its door with no mandate or funding from sponsors. Ten major academic medical centers (AMC) and a hundred independent clinical sites have called Greenphire and said, more or less, "we'd like to pay for your services with our own money." In a context of industry-sponsored trials, that's unheard of. Even small, independent Phase I units have taken the initiative to seek out Greenphire's solution and buy it on their own. Unified Approach ClinPage wrote about Greenphire more than two years ago, but the company's services and operations have since expanded. It launched a full-featured system to handle…more...

$450K Per Change

Protocol Amendment Costs

June 29, 2011

There is a noble tradition at the Drug Information Association (DIA) conferences. Presenters never speak of money. The assumption is that industry-sponsored research is so exalted that dollars and euros need…more...

NSF Study

Why Do Trials Cost So Much?

May 23, 2011

Clinical research is indisputably expensive. Plenty of small life science companies go bankrupt discovering that. The real question is how expensive trials are. Estimates of clinical research costs almost always draw…more...

$21 Billion JNJ Pact

Pipeline Snapshot: Synthes

April 29, 2011

Earlier this week, JNJ said it will buy the Swiss medical device firm Synthes for $21.3 billion. A debased U.S. dollar isn't worth much these days. Still, 21.3 billion of anything…more...

Clinical Efficiencies

Budgetary Realism

November 02, 2010

Les Rose appreciates the complexity of calculating costs in clinical trials. Principal of PharmaVision Consulting, a small consulting firm, he has been helping to run trials for a few decades, both independently and at his own small contract research organization (CRO). Rose says sponsors have learned to be tolerant of delay, indulgent of budget overruns. "Lateness is…more...

Clinical Efficiencies

Real Trial Budgets

October 19, 2010

Mike Lange, a senior manager at ClearTrial, is not a board-certified oncologist. But he is breezing through a demonstration of the Chicago company’s software. There is a faux oncology trial on Lange’s screen, and he sets himself the task of finishing a few months early. The software produces rapid, highly detailed clinical trial budgets and time lines.…more...

Site Aid

Patient Debit Cards

May 04, 2010

Karen Hultberg was frustrated. The administrator of the New York Hospital Queens' Lang Research Center was trying to do more studies. But there was a big obstacle: for each research subject's check, she had make a separate request to the hospital's finance department. Each check—typically for $25 or $50—took one to three months to obtain and mail.…more...

Pleasant Surprises

ClearTrial Refines Budget App

April 15, 2010

One notable aspect of media coverage of clinical trials is the ready acceptance of the cost of a particular clinical research program. In every notable publication, as far as we can tell, the cost of a trial or a research program is confidently said to be so many tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. The amount…more...

Outsourcing, Inverted

Cheaper Trials At OneWorld

OneWorld explains how it delivers scientific excellence and low budgets in a nonprofit context.

+$100 Million Club

Master Providers Methodology

How we chose the ClinPage Master Providers this year, and why a few big names didn’t make the list.

Whale Watching

Projecting Pfizer Revenues

Thoughts on the numerical implications of the impending mega mergers between Pfizer-Wyeth and Merck-Schering-Plough.

PharmaNet Outlook Down

S&P On CRO Industry

PharmaNet was downgraded from stable to negative by Standard and Poor’s, thanks to $60 million in lost contracts.

BioWorld Tallies Biotech Pay

Amgen, Genentech Pay Highest

BioWorld’s 2008 Executive Compensation Report is out, and, as usual, Amgen’s Sharer ranks highest. But that could change.

Anticipating 600,000 Queries

Updated Medidata EDC Offering

The firm is offering two new areas of functionality: integrated online training and simulation of the effects of study amendments.

Details For Wall Street

Phase Forward 2007 Financials

Thoughts on the company’s recent conference call with financial analysts.

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