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Informaticists Amuck

Why JNJ Frets About ‘Big Data’

May 04, 2012

"Big data" is both empty marketing language and a genuine business problem. IT firms are salivating to handle more data, with Google, EMC, Tibco and IBM positioning old tools for a new age. The goal is to handle high-volume, heterogenous, unstructured data in quantities too monstrous in size to fit in a standard database. Forget about mega and giga. We’re going to get to know Greek prefixes like peta and exa. Big data was a theme at this week’s 2012 Post-Approval Summit. For eight years, the meeting has been organized by academic surgeon Richard Gliklich and hosted on his turf, the Longwood portion of Harvard’s medical empire. In The Ivy Gliklich’s sizable side venture—the late-phase registry builder and contract research organization (CRO) Outcome—was sold to Quintiles last year. That has put the top CRO in the position of presiding over an elite conference at a medical school with a fabled reputation…more...

Advice from Avoca, Otsuka

On Being Proactive

April 27, 2011

Late last month, in sun-blasted Phoenix, the 2011 Partnerships In Clinical Trials conference featured Denise Calaprice-Whitty of The Avoca Group. We had interviewed Calaprice-Whitty last year, for this article, and had…more...

Facing Extinction?

The Great Data Debate

November 05, 2010

Organizing a panel at a pharmaceutical industry event is not easy. There is little solid ground for true dialogue, as so many companies are doing the same activity in slightly different…more...

Diary, Respiratory Deal

ERT Buys Carefusion

May 03, 2010

Are patient-reported outcomes a growth industry? A business? Philadelphia's ERT apparently thinks so, having just paid $81 million for the clinical trial business of Carefusion. The purchase could increase ERT's revenue…more...

Survey Data

Site Solutions Summit

April 01, 2010

Five years ago, when Christine Pierre attempted to bring together clinical investigators and other site leaders to casually discuss their best practices, it didn't go as she'd hoped. She sent out 1,000 invitations. Representatives from ten sites showed up. “In all honesty, it was a huge failure,” says Pierre, president of Baltimore area-based RxTrials, a 16-year-old site…more...

Thin The Herd

On Raising The Bar

March 29, 2010

"The industry has bottomed out and is on its way up," says Norman Goldfarb, chairman of the Model Agreement Group Initiative (MAGI), a volunteer organization dedicated to streamlining clinical research. Twice a year, on the east and west coasts respectively, Goldfarb helps to plan the MAGI conference. For 2010, the eastern conference is scheduled for the last…more...

Winner: BioClinica

Best DIA Exhibitors

June 26, 2009

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie care about drug development? They suddenly hunger to learn more about sponsor-CRO partnerships, PDUFA and Critical Path, and thus they showed up at the Drug Information Association's (DIA) 45th annual meeting to drink it all in? They are curious about science in addition to being gorgeous, rich and fertile? Wait—those were actually…more...

PHT Announcement

The Excitement of E-Diary Admin

March 23, 2009

Hey! Can you reset my password? Now? Inside or outside the clinical trial world, that is one of the most mundane and routine requests made to software help desks. Ediary firm PHT says the ongoing hassle has now been simplified in its StudyWorks system. The system has now been updated to allow users to administer their own…more...

Lilly, Centocor, Pfizer

2009 Clinical Trials Congress

In a sobering but illuminating first day, the 2009 Clinical Trials Congress surveyed the industry and considered a new idea: economics.

Reorg, New CEO

etrials: Technology Will Be Key

A conversation with Denis Connaghan of etrials, who recently became the new CEO of etrials.

'Absolutely overwhelming'


FDA’s Sandy Kweder painted a portrait of an agency straining to deliver on the many elements of FDAAA.

Kendle, Langland, Dybedal

Finding More Patients Globally

The tribulations of filling your trial in the era of global studies. A report from the 2008 DIA conference.

Finger Friendly

PHT Debuts Touch-Screen Device

PHT offers a new Windows device from HP for recording patient experiences.

DIA Pre-think

Rivers of Clinical Bits

What’s different this year. Random thoughts on our personal nemesis, paper, and the alternative.

A-List Of Speakers At Harvard

Post-Approval? Or Pre-Apocalypse?

With Mark McClellan and Janet Woodcock on the agenda, the Outcome meeting will be another illuminating event this year.

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