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Quintiles, Merck

Post-Approval Frontiers

May 08, 2012

Last week’s 2012 Post-Approval Summit had one theme in common with the events of prior years. It’s the flip side to the rising importance of patient registries and observational Phase IV studies. Like it or not, there is diminishing faith in randomized clinical trials (RCT) on the part of the industry and regulatory agencies. So what greets the majority of untold tens of billions of dollars in industry-sponsored R&D is basically a ... shrug. A sigh. At least at the Harvard-located event last week, there was a triumphant trumpet blast to meet the small slice of science that happens after drugs are on the market. All of the speakers at the 2012 Summit were in agreement. They concurred that industry will be reliant on some combination of traditional RCT, registries and healthcare databases. MediGuard Update Quintiles supplied a textbook example of the value of a good database. Quintiles acquired the conference's…more...

Parexel's Goldberg

A New Breed of CRO

June 17, 2011

Are there truly singular contract research organizations (CRO)? Or are CROs interchangeable, like airlines? It's not an academic question in an era when drug, biotechnology and device firms are offloading large…more...

Partnerships 2011

CRO Industry Outlook

April 04, 2011

So far, the contract research organization (CRO) industry has been in an enviable place. The fortunes of most CROs have been healthy despite the ailing dynamics of the economy and the…more...

India & Beyond

Why ClinTec Is Growing

March 09, 2011


When EDC Is Free

Akaza Hits Its Stride

February 10, 2011

Is giving away electronic data capture (EDC) a viable strategy? Yes. Even as the top suppliers of EDC get even larger, some of the smaller providers are still prospering. A case in point is Akaza Research, which created the free OpenClinica solution and prospers by selling additional services and support. This week, the company released a new…more...

Appreciating Repositories

Eliassen: Clinical Data Specialists

December 24, 2010

It's a great debate, and far from over. Some analysts predict the large contract research organizations (CRO) will eventually manage the bulk of industry-sponsored research. Others predict that mid-tier and specialty CROs will command a greater share of clinical trials as the giants struggle to take care of small customers as well as they pamper megaclients. Or…more...

Cancellations Subside

CRO Industry Dynamics

December 02, 2010

Have contract research organizations (CRO) turned the corner? Is the current downturn about to pass? Those were the questions we put to Michael Martorelli, director, Fairmount Partners. Martorelli is a savvy Philadelphia-based observer of the CRO industry. By constitution, he is a plain-speaking and numbers-oriented guy who helps to find buyers and sellers for CROs; his firm…more...

Clinical Efficiencies

Budgetary Realism

November 02, 2010

Les Rose appreciates the complexity of calculating costs in clinical trials. Principal of PharmaVision Consulting, a small consulting firm, he has been helping to run trials for a few decades, both independently and at his own small contract research organization (CRO). Rose says sponsors have learned to be tolerant of delay, indulgent of budget overruns. "Lateness is…more...

Ugly Numbers

Massive Job Loss Ahead

Ruminations on the unknown dimension of job cuts in clinical trials and the broad pharmaceutical industry

Clinical Efficiencies

Real Trial Budgets

A demo of ClearTrial software and an exploration of the roots of tolerance for imprecision.

Profile: Target Health

Ending Mindless Monitoring

Jules Mitchel discusses the lack of any rationale for 100 percent source document verification

October Special Report

Time, Materials & Self Deception

Should pharma still be modeling a key R&D process on the construction industry?

7 Questions For Core Labs

Modern Imaging Benchmarks

An executive from Merge tries to reset industry expectations for radiology-related trials in the age of the internet.

Schizophrenic RFPs?

PharmaNet On Late Phase

The company discusses what makes Phase IV projects different.

Quintiles At DIA

Toward Quality Trials

The big CRO discusses a proactive and data-driven approach to managing trials.

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