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Intralinks Survey

With Paper, Site Pain

June 15, 2011

In a new survey of 598 investigator site personnel, there is an unhappy snapshot of the most oppressed and disgruntled segment of the clinical trial workforce. According to the survey, clinical sites are aware of using the Internet to collaborate and manage industry research. But investigators and their staff feel the sponsor community is still too prone to use paper-centric processes that the colonial-era John Hancock would have understood. As an electronic document management company, IntraLinks (which conducted the survey with CenterWatchPaper…more...

Sleek & Speedy

GoBalto Study Startup

April 01, 2011

In the unofficial design manual for clinical trial software programs, there are numerous unwritten rules but only a single severe commandment. Any new solution must have exactly 52,009 powerful and essential…more...

Clinical Lockbox

Faster Trial Documents

November 24, 2010

IntraLinks is a document management firm with a focus on financial services and life sciences—regulated industries that move around electronic and cellulose-based forms. The New York City company is betting that…more...

Fewer Faxes

Acorn Speeds Study Starts

August 24, 2009

When thinking of the term bottleneck, the study-specific confidential disclosure agreement (CDA) comes to mind for many who work in clinical research, followed by site feasibility forms. Those confounding but necessary…more...

Phase Forward, NextDocs, Medidata

Wednesday’s News

June 20, 2007

Phase Forward, a clinical trial suite, recently announced a new submission checking service offering based on its web submission data manager (WebSDM) application. Developed under a cooperative research and development agreement between the FDA and Phase Forward’s Lincoln Technologies safety division, WebSDM gives organizations a means for testing FDA submissions for compliance with the Clinical Data Interchange…more...

Clinical Content Management

FCG Partners with Microsoft

June 19, 2007

Does Microsoft matter in clinical trials? Is it staring numbly at the start of an era of enterprise-worthy, web-based tools from Google? Or does Microsoft have unique hardware, application and networking tools that make it a more or less indispensable part of the technological infrastructure of the modern clinical trial? That was an interesting thing to ponder…more...

Regulatory Systems

Mission3 Manages eCTDs, Projects

May 18, 2007

Does the digital world have warts? Yes. They’re called PDFs. The venerable Adobe format is a digital scourge. The PDF is not truly searchable. It’s not version controlled. It’s not auditable. PDFs are big, dumb, proliferating images. There is only one safe, FDA-approved treatment for PDFs: XML. XML also treats paper-based data, to which PDFs are related.…more...

The Why of Windows Mobile

Arrowhead Diaries

March 20, 2007

Arrowhead Electronic Healthcare has at least one very happy (and public) customer: Bayer. For those who don’t know the company, Arrowhead offers an electronic patient diary. The company is based in Texas and straddles the line between clinical research and health care. Headcount is up 20 percent since we last wrote about the company. On its web…more...

Adobe Surrenders PDF Spec

Document Format Given Away

Adobe will give the control of its portable document format to a nonprofit.

Validated Collaboration System

New Document Management Tool

Target Health, a technology-oriented contract research organization, has a new web-based program for document management in regulated industries. It’s called Target Document.

Early Warning

Deeper Data Mining

In testing, the 2-year-old company says, it detected a competitive threat for a customer long before it would have become apparent using conventional market intelligence.

Tool for ANDA's

FDA Expands Submission System

Agency says 6-year-old system for NDAs will be used for generic applications, too.

Going Process?

Paperless Process?

Document management concern in Florida.

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