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Merge Acquires Kika

EDC To Manage Endpoints

February 07, 2011

By design, electronic data capture (EDC) systems are utilitarian. Clinical data managers need a secure, electronic way to collect and change medical information. As such, EDC systems are about as scientific as a box of ballpoint pens. But that could be poised to change with the unheralded purchase of a small clinical trial technology firm in France. At the end of 2010, Merge Healthcare of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, bought Kika Medical of Paris for a net price of $2.03 million in Merge stock, once reserves for potential future litigation and other withheld shares are tallied up. Jon DeVries, general manager of the eclinical division at Merge, notes that Kika's EDC package includes the ability to adjudicate clinical endpoints. Although several technology firms and contract research organizations (CRO) can provide endpoint adjudication services, DeVries says that Kika's solution is uniquely embedded in an EDC package and comprehensive—wrapping up the process in an end-to-end…more...

Waiting For Acquisitions

Business Picks Up for Trio

October 21, 2009

Trio Clinical Research may not be in the rapid growth mode it was forecasting last year when its owners sold a majority stake to two equity groups. But things are moving…more...

Private Equity Buyer

MDS Sells Central Labs

October 14, 2009

The corporate parent of contract research organization (CRO) Chiltern bought MDS Pharma's central labs. Last week, private investment group Czura Thornton agreed to pay $8 million for the labs and an…more...

Industry Survey

Frost Report on CROs

September 29, 2009

What's to become of the contract research organization (CRO) industry while the economy attempts to right itself? According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, there's good news: the CRO…more...

ARG Joins in U.S.

CRO Network Expands

September 09, 2009

Atlantic Research Group (ARG) has become the first U.S.-based contract research organization (CRO) to join up with Pharmaceutical Services Network (PSN), a tightly knit, Netherlands-headquartered group of small to medium-sized CROs in Europe. The thrust of the network? To provide small CRO service (read: high quality and much personal attention) to small and medium-sized pharmaceutical and biotechnology…more...

Biometrics Specialists

Quanticate In U.S.

February 23, 2009

Quanticate is the most established biometrics-oriented contract research organization (CRO) you’ve never heard of. Quanticate is the new name for the marriage of two U.K.-based, heavyweight biostat-centric CROs that merged last year, Statwood and Oxford Pharmaceutical Sciences. Things have really been moving fast for the new entity. The company announced its first official U.S. presence in July…more...

Pushing East

PPD to Acquire AbCRO

February 18, 2009

PPD (Nasdaq: PPDI) is already a pretty big player in Eastern and Central Europe, but its footprint there is about to get bigger. Last week, the Wilmington, N.C.-based contract research organization (CRO) announced plans to acquire AbCRO, a Bulgarian CRO founded eight years ago by two Americans. The price: $30 million. The deal, if finalized, gives PPD…more...

R U Txtng Px Yet?

Pfizer Picks Exco SMS

December 12, 2008

Say you need someone to do something for you in Singapore. It turns out it’s rude to leave someone a few voice mail messages. Even several email requests are a bit of a no-no. Instead, communication via so-called “text” or short messaging systems (SMS) is the norm and the Emily-Post approved technique. That works for Pfizer. The…more...

Frost & Sullivan Webinar

CRO Outsourcing to Grow 40%

According to research firm Frost & Sullivan, the global outsourcing market is poised to get far larger, and fast.

Regional Alliances

Italy, Massachusetts Partnership

Four clinical organizations in Massachusetts have come together to help regions that want to get more of the global medical research pie.

Liver Net

CTI: Focussing On Hepatitis

A Cincinnati-based CRO plans to stay medium-sized and private, despite a tidal wave of work that has started to come its way.

CRO To Double By 2010

Prologue: Why Oncology Is Unique

Ohio-based Prologue is doing well, thanks to expertise and surging market conditions. The company is choosy about hiring.

Thursday News

$100M CRO Investment Spree

With news about Pharsight, Octagon Research Solutions, ClinTec International, DecisionView and TomorrowNow.

Monday News Briefs

AAI Pharma Goes Into Hungary

Plus bulletins about AAI Pharma, data management in India, Parkinson’s disease.

Sopheon, Quintiles, etrials

Thursday News Briefs

Bulletins for October 11, 2007

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