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Faux Partnerships

Obituary For Change Orders?

December 01, 2010

Purveyors of clinical trial happy talk would have the industry believe that every clinical trial is an alliance of organizations with the permanence and seriousness of NATO—that every outsourcing engagement is a marriage of equals. Think again, says Joseph Anderson, principal associate of Waife & Associates. The Boston-area clinical trial consultancy specializes in process change and is not one to use jargon or faddish language. We last wrote about the firm here. Anderson says the outsourcing shift was originally rooted in the desire to minimize the fluctuations in human manpower needed at various stages of the research process. But right from the start, he notes, there was unhappiness at the way services were provided inside research-driven firms. When outsiders offered the same services, it was enticing and alluring. “There was an internal dissatisfaction with services being offered by internal departments,” Anderson told the annual meeting of the Society for Clinical Data…more...

One Investor Out. Two In.

Quintiles Ownership Shifting

December 21, 2007

If all goes as planned, contract research organization (CRO) Quintiles Transnational will have a new mix of owners come January. On Dec. 21, the company announced that one investor is selling…more...

One-on-one Attention

Quintiles Tailors Site Efforts

November 30, 2007

Yes, investigator relationship management (IRM) efforts are sweeping through pharmaceutical companies’ headquarters these days, causing all manner of meetings over how to make clinical investigators happy and keep them bringing in…more...

Regulatory Expert

Kendle Hires Former MHRA Head

September 06, 2007

Timothy Forsey, former head of the Biologicals and the Biotechnology Unit for The Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in England, just accepted a position at contract research organization (CRO)…more...

Finding 36,000 Patients In 6 Months

Parexel’s Post-Approval Boom

July 18, 2007

There is no telling what is going to happen in Washington this summer, with the Prescription Drug User Fee Act (PDUFA) poised for renewal by a typically intemperate Congress and lame-duck President. The final version of the legislation, like an exotic soup, is likely to have ingredients both savory and unsavory to industry. But there’s no doubt…more...

Centerwatch, Parexel, Abbott

Today’s News

June 06, 2007

A Thomson Centerwatch poll of clinical sites found that Kendle International is the highest-rated contract research organization (CRO). Kendle was rated a top-three CRO on 26 of the 29 individual survey attributes—more times than any other CRO included in the survey and 63% more frequently than the next highest CRO. Site investigators ranked Kendle as the leader…more...

Avellone to head up clinical operations

Parexel Plucks Exec From Veritas

May 18, 2007

Contract research organization (CRO) Parexel International (Nasdaq: PRXL) has a new guy on the clinical operations side. He’s Joe Avellone, and he’s coming in as vice president of operations for clinical research services, Americas. Avellone, an M.D., is slated to run Parexel’s phase II-IV clinical development programs and manage the company’s Americas Medical Affairs Group, which consists…more...

Two Primary Vendors

Quintiles Embraces EDC

May 17, 2007

We dislike the phrase “tipping point.” It’s been overused to the point of meaninglessness. Malcolm Gladwell’s excellent book isn’t the problem. “Tipping point” should be retired, at least after we borrow its mojo ... just this once. If the story of electronic data capture (EDC) has a tipping point, we cannot think of a better one than…more...

Quintiles, Abbott Signed

Phase Forward: Steady Growth

Another strong quarter from Phase Forward, and a clue about a new product. Our exclusive interview.

Oracle, etrials, Pfizer

News Briefs

News bulletins for Friday, April 20.

Neogenomics, Phase Forward, Symfo

News Briefs

News for Friday, April 5.

Giving FSPs Credit

Pfizer Gives Kendle Award

Kendle International won a nice award from Pfizer. All we have is a press release.

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