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Cmed's System

EDC Speed Burst

December 14, 2010

In the short life of the internet so far, electronic data capture (EDC) came of age at an inopportune time. The top EDC solutions were born in the age of beeping modems and underpowered PCs. As luck would have it, the EDC leaders were all built in the technological Pleistocene, before companies like 37Signals (project management), Picnik (photo editing) and Netflix (streaming video) designed clean, fast, network-based web applications that ran not on malware-clogged desktop computers or ancient mainframes but in the cloud. Long before elegant wireless tablet computers from Apple, the DNA of the EDC pioneers had been built to operate at a slower pace. So the research side of the pharmaceutical world has 10-year old applications running on today's internet. It's not a great match. People working for the industry have one experience of the internet as consumers—and quite another at the office. Cmed, with headquarters in Horsham, England,…more...

Ugly Numbers

Massive Job Loss Ahead

October 28, 2010

How bad are the job losses in pharma? How long will they last? As a starting point, every month brings new, grim numbers from Challenger, Gray & Christmas, a Chicago firm…more...

Whale Watching

Projecting Pfizer Revenues

March 10, 2009

The best minds on Wall Street like Pfizer’s $68 billion acquisition of Wyeth. Last week, to take just one example, a prominent firm (which advised Pfizer on the merger) said it…more...

Public Citizen Gadfly

Wolfe on FDA, Tequin

November 04, 2008

Sydney “Syd” Wolfe, director of Public Citizen’s health research group, is scratching his head. Tequin (gatifloxacin)—an antibiotic that Public Citizen Bristol-Meyers…more...

Proactive Safety

SAS, GSK At SCDM Meeting

October 30, 2008

Does the pharmaceutical industry need to rethink the management of drug safety data and pharmacovigilance? A few companies already are. That was clear at this year’s annual Society For Clinical Data Management (SCDM) meeting. Appropriately, the session tried to explore the tenuous technological links between two areas of human expertise: the medical interpretation of drug safety issues…more...

Great '08 Contraction

Pfizer, GSK Reassess R&D

October 01, 2008

Yesterday, Pfizer announced that it was abandoning new projects in cardiovascular disease. This was about as expected as Federal Express investing in horse-based shipping routes. Then GSK leaked word it was cutting 850 jobs, or 6 percent of its R&D headcount, in the wake of an arrival of a new CEO, Andrew Witty, and the quiet departures…more...

Rocket Man


June 03, 2008

Is there a more wasteful federal program than NASA? Does it matter if a robot can land on some planet and take a picture of itself digging a small hole? It’s clear that NASA is both useless and popular. Which is the opposite of the pharmaceutical industry: indispensible and unpopular. NASA gets it. NASA understands public relations.…more...

News For Thursday, June 14.

News Briefs

June 14, 2007

Johnson & Johnson selected ArisGlobal as its drug safety solution, a significant endorsement for the pharmacovigilance software house.  “With ArisGlobal’s ARISg robust feature set, flexible data model, intuitive user interface and ability to integrate with our key systems, Johnson & Johnson will incorporate this solution into our existing enterprise-wide processes, knowing that they have the ability to…more...

Visualizing Recruitment

DecisionView Models Accrual

The San Francisco firm has updated its main tool for forecasting patient recruitment and retention.

GSK, IBM, TrialStat

News Briefs

A few news bulletins for Friday, April 13.

The ClinPage Interview

Phase Forward’s Chan Russell

A luminary in the development of software for drug safety talks about a new version of a key application.

$64 million payout

GSK To Settle Lawsuit

The case has been one of a handful that have spurred the entire industry to deposit summaries of trial data on company-controlled websites.

28,000 boxes of paper

Doctor Waits 8 Years For Data

A scientist complains about the run-around.

Wolfe At Door

Public Citizen Takes On GSK

Activist group allegation: Does obesity drug cause colon cancer?

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