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India & Beyond

Why ClinTec Is Growing

March 09, 2011

It's a universal challenge for any contract research organization (CRO). How to standardize complex processes but still remain sufficiently agile to serve customers? It seems to be a test that ClinTec International is passing with ease. President, founder and CEO Rabinder Buttar is a high-profile executive in Scotland, where the firm's headquarters are. Even though her firm was started back in 1997 and currently has 300 employees, Buttar has retained the enthusiasm of a freshly-launched innovator. "CROs have to be entrepreneurial," she says. "We have been extremely entrepreneurial. We have a very fast, flexible business model." The company and Buttar herself have won a crowded shelf of awards from Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Microsoft and several business associations and newspapers in Britain. In terms of customers, ClinTec says it is working for 11 of the top 25 pharmaceutical firms and doing so in all major regions of the world. She enjoys…more...

Tuesday News

India Trials Report

September 22, 2009

DZS Software’s web-based clinical trial management software (CTMS) ClinPlus was selected by the medical device maker PhotoThera. The company plans to use ClinPlus in a clinical trial on a noninvasive transcranial…more...

ARG Joins in U.S.

CRO Network Expands

September 09, 2009

Atlantic Research Group (ARG) has become the first U.S.-based contract research organization (CRO) to join up with Pharmaceutical Services Network (PSN), a tightly knit, Netherlands-headquartered group of small to medium-sized CROs…more...

CRO Inspections

New Regs in India

July 30, 2009

Contract research organizations (CROs) will now have to register with the body that regulates clinical research in India if they want to continue partaking of the boom there. India's Central Drug…more...

Top Secret Numbers

India Head Count Sensitivity

July 03, 2009

Ask a contract research organization (CRO) like Parexel how many employees it has overall or in a general region, and it's happy to say. But how many employees in India? As in exactly? Lips are zipped. At Kendle, too. And Covance. So why are head counts in India such sensitive numbers? John Kreger, a financial analyst with…more...

Room For Improvement

India’s Clinical Infrastructure

June 26, 2009

If you're flying into Bangalore, India you can expect to emerge into a modern airport. But don't expect a road that will get you from the airport to town. The government got the airport built, but not the road. Not yet. “That is typical of India, generally,” says Bob Scott-Edwards, president of Icon Central Laboratories, formerly with…more...

A Quick History

India’s Regulation Timeline

June 19, 2009

The regulatory system in India is maturing quickly. Just a few years ago, it was said to be in its infancy—with drug makers and contract research organizations (CROs) largely having to regulate themselves. Now it is an adolescent, and growing up fast. To explain where India's been and where it's going with respect to regulating clinical trials,…more...

Wednesday News

New India Registry Rule

June 17, 2009

Waife & Associates, a process and technology consultancy, announced a new offering for vendors and contract research organizations. The package includes a lower-cost, comprehensive assessment of a vendor by the Waife team, in part to help it understand which sponsors will be likely to use a contract research organization's (CRO's) or vendor's services. Said Ronald Waife, president:…more...

Building Capacity

India: Investigator Snapshot

There aren’t enough experienced principal investigators in India. But folks are working on that.

Poised for Growth

India Is Hot

In the first installment of our series on trials in India, we look at the upsides, downsides and numbers.

Clinsys To Offer Services, Tech

India’s Jubilant Buys EDC Firm

The thinking behind Uttar Pradesh-based Jubilant Organosys’s purchase of the EDC solution from TrialStat.

Thursday News

$100M CRO Investment Spree

With news about Pharsight, Octagon Research Solutions, ClinTec International, DecisionView and TomorrowNow.

Wednesday News Briefs

Cardiac Testing Coalition

With news about Pfizer, health-IT legislation, Infermed, and the FDA Science Board.

Friday News Briefs

Phase Forward In India

With news about Ranbaxy, Cedara, PHT, ChemDiv and etrials

Monday News Briefs

AAI Pharma Goes Into Hungary

Plus bulletins about AAI Pharma, data management in India, Parkinson’s disease.

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