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Part One


July 08, 2010

Electronic data capture (EDC) systems allow sponsors to gather data electronically. In theory, that should be cheaper and faster. After a decade of gradual acceptance of the technology, all sponsors have used EDC systems and some rely on it heavily. Contract research organizations have followed suit. But what about clinical sites? Individual EDC vendors often claim that sites cherish their technology. But many sites say the advent of EDC has added to the burden of work and strained their relationships with sponsors. Some of the issues, in the end, are artifacts of rendering regulatory requirements into software—or feeding a fetish for paper that exists in both American medicine and the sponsor community. But that's not to minimize the genuine frustration that sites feel with the technological underpinnings of most modern trials. Christine Pierre, CEO of the 16-year-old site network RXTrials, and founder of Site Solutions Summit, says the technology isn't ready…more...

Tuesday News

Warner Chilcott To Buy P&G’s Pharma Business

August 25, 2009

The FDA this week says it will amend post-market safety reporting regulations for three of its centers to require that manufacturers and other facilities submit their reports in an electronic format.…more...


i3Cube: Trial Swiss Army Knife

February 17, 2009

“Give us the tools and we will finish the job,” Winston Churchill wrote to a friend. The year: 1941. World War II was just getting started. In 2009, thousands of web-based…more...

Parexel, Phase Forward

Two Giants Grow

February 09, 2009

In an economy littered with the remains of U.S. industries destined for restructuring or oblivion, two Boston-area companies supporting clinical trials seem relatively unscathed. Their managers are preparing for growth, not…more...

Reorg, New CEO

etrials: Technology Will Be Key

December 23, 2008

M. Denis Connaghan is the new CEO at etrials. He’s been on the job a bit more than a month, since mid-November, and had just returned from meetings with clients on the west coast when we rang him up for a chat. “I didn’t hear, ‘we need another product from you. We need another technology from you,’”…more...

IVR Firm Sold For 15X Revenues

Clarix Bought by Phase Forward

September 08, 2008

It’s a common problem. Stroll around with $193 million in cash for a while, as Phase Forward has, and soon you will find something to purchase. So it was with Clarix Informatics, a provider of an interactive voice response system (IVRS) that became the latest technology to be added to the Phase Forward cupboard. Last week’s deal…more...

Tech, Service Converge

Parexel COO on ClinPhone

August 21, 2008

The gap was glaring. And it has been filled. For the first time, more than a decade after the technology emerged, Parexel can offer customers a viable electronic data capture (EDC) solution. Last week, the Waltham, Mass. company concluded its $192 million acquisition of ClinPhone, based in Nottingham, UK. Parexel will now have approximately 1,500 people providing…more...

ClinPhone CEO

Kent: Consolidation On Horizon

July 07, 2008

We’re not sure if our timing was fortuitous or terrible. Last month, well before a merger agreement that is expected to lead to his company being acquired for $192 million by Parexel International, ClinPhone CEO Steve Kent discussed the state of the industry with ClinPage. At the time, he was vague about the possibility of another bid…more...

Exclusive Interview

On Tech: von Rickenbach of Parexel

Josef von Rickenbach discusses electronic data capture, Interactive voice response, and why the industry should not adopt new technologies rapidly.

Monday News

New Quintiles Chief Medical Officer

With news about Quintiles, Perceptive Informatics, autoimmune diseases, North Carolina Central University, and FDA.

SCDM Meeting

Genentech On Smart Protocols

Paul Clarkson discusses how to make sure a study protocol has what it needs, and nothing extra.

Tuesday News

Electronic Diary In Sucampo Approval

With bulletins about Sentrx, etrials, Bio-Imaging, PDS, ICD Global, ClinPhone and invivodata.

Connecting IVR & Drug Supply

Trident: New Web Rand System

Ed Tourtellotte says slow, customized randomization is holding back the industry.

E-PRO Niche Expands

Diary Alliance: ClinPhone & invivodata

Two top firms, each specializing in different approaches to gathering patient experiences, will partner to help sponsors find the right technology.

EDC & Imaging Combination

Bio-Imaging, PDS Seek More Size

Why Bio-Imaging bought a top electronic data capture company.

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