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Cmed's System

EDC Speed Burst

December 14, 2010

In the short life of the internet so far, electronic data capture (EDC) came of age at an inopportune time. The top EDC solutions were born in the age of beeping modems and underpowered PCs. As luck would have it, the EDC leaders were all built in the technological Pleistocene, before companies like 37Signals (project management), Picnik (photo editing) and Netflix (streaming video) designed clean, fast, network-based web applications that ran not on malware-clogged desktop computers or ancient mainframes but in the cloud. Long before elegant wireless tablet computers from Apple, the DNA of the EDC pioneers had been built to operate at a slower pace. So the research side of the pharmaceutical world has 10-year old applications running on today's internet. It's not a great match. People working for the industry have one experience of the internet as consumers—and quite another at the office. Cmed, with headquarters in Horsham, England,…more...

IRBs Are Next

Brazil’s CRO Association

December 15, 2008

Brazil is one of only two Latin American countries (besides Argentina) to have its own contract research organization (CRO) association, and one of only a handful of countries on Earth to…more...

Faster Launches

Brazil’s Regs

December 08, 2008

Given the attractions of Brazil, delineated in a previous article, why have large sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) hesitated to launch projects there? Dennis Hurley, Kendle‘s president of global clinical…more...

A Quickening Process

Trials Thriving In Brazil

December 01, 2008

The regulatory process in Brazil, previously seen as complicated and convoluted, just got simpler and more logical. The country has been a familiar destination for sponsors for at least a dozen…more...

Frost & Sullivan Webinar

CRO Outsourcing to Grow 40%

August 13, 2008

Last week, online, Frost & Sullivan analyst Somya Datta dropped a ton of facts, figures and projections about global pharmaceutical outsourcing on those listening in on her quarterly briefing from India. Here’s what we learned: Datta, of Frost & Sullivan’s economics research and analytics division, said that the global pharmaceutical market reached $663 billion in 2007, and…more...

Strategies from Pfizer & Pacific Bridge

RAPS 2007: Going To India & China

October 04, 2007

In a session about two of the most promising pharmaceutical markets (for both sales and clinical trials) the 2007 Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society conference had well-travelled speakers to a variety of countries. We happened to hear two presentations that were designed to spare the audience the pain of easy mistakes in those developing markets. One of them…more...

Pharm-Olam, Quintiles

Tuesday News Briefs

October 02, 2007

The Drug Information Association is offering a meeting on optimizing electronic data capture. It’s in Weston, Florida (near Ft. Lauderdale) on November 12 and 13. There is information here. Fast Track Systems, a developer of tools for clinical trial design collaboration and communication, announced the ,…more...

Adaptive webinar, American College of Radiology

Saturday News Briefs

September 08, 2007

On September 12, 2007, Medidata Solutions, Tessella and United BioSource Corporation will deliver their third joint webinar in a series. The topic: adaptive clinical trials. The presenters are Hugh Levaux, vice president of product strategy for Medidata Solutions; Tom Parke, head of clinical trial solutions at Tessella; and Mike Borkowski, general manager of clinical technologies group at…more...

INC Research, Synergy Research, Parexel, Kendle

Monday News Briefs

Bulletins for July 30, 2007

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