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Pfizer’s Diet

Innovation On Rise, Says Citeline

July 16, 2012

Is the industry’s reliance on me-too drugs on the verge of reversing? Could pharma be on the cusp of a new cycle of innovation? That’s the possibility raised by Ian Lloyd. He has been studying industrial R&D for more than 20 years and currently serves as editorial director of Citeline, part of the Informa empire of trade shows and scientific publications. Citeline recently issued its annual report on clinical R&D. The British firm draws upon a mix of proprietary, unpublished research and public data from government trial registries such as Biologics & Small Molecules Citeline’s research process is intensive. The organization monitors the medical literature and corporate press releases. That’s easy enough. But Citeline also periodically labors to verify that a much-heralded compound in clinical testing is in fact progressing toward regulatory approval or market launch. The vetting process knocks some projects out of the database, ensuring it contains only…more...

Quintiles, Merck

Post-Approval Frontiers

May 08, 2012

Last week’s 2012 Post-Approval Summit had one theme in common with the events of prior years. It’s the flip side to the rising importance of patient registries and observational Phase IV…more...

Vagelos Podcast

Merck’s Wise Man

May 29, 2009

Most of the ClinPage podcasts are done in a pretty typical Q&A format. Today, however, we're posting a different type of audio: some snippets from the 2009 Clinical Trials Congress, held…more...

Defending The Cloud

U.K. Drug Safety Effort

March 09, 2009

Is this the year for mega-mergers? Merck will buy Schering-Plough for $41 billion in cash and stock. Merck had perennially insisted it would never merge or acquire rivals. But evidently the…more...

Pharmica, Merck, Genzyme Strategies

Finding The Right Metrics

June 25, 2008

The 2008 Drug Information Association (DIA) annual meeting featured a painful session on metrics in clinical trials. Not painful because of any of the speakers, who were polished and insightful. No, it was painful because sizable clinical research projects and sophisticated companies are not really being managed. We’re using the word “managed” in the sense that other…more...

GSK's Checklist for PRO

Patients, In Their Own Words

December 11, 2007

The most notable nugget from the Center for Business Intelligence’s (CBI) Arlington, Virginia meeting on patient-reported outcome (PRO) research late last month was not so much from the podium, though there was plenty of excellent material there. Some of the most interesting news was in the questions from attendees. Your correspondent, for example, had assumed that utterances…more...

The V-Word

Merck’s Win, Industry’s Loss

November 26, 2007

Earlier this month, after months of negotiations, Merck announced a large but manageable $4.85 billion settlement of an unknown number of Vioxx plaintiffs who can prove they took the drug and suffered strokes or heart attacks. Those plaintiffs still have to approve the deal. But it appears to be a watershed win for Merck, which had tenaciously…more...

Adaptive Logistics

Linking Clinical Trial, Supply Simulation

August 06, 2007

The math of adaptive trials is hairy. But the appeal is simple. Adaptive trials can reveal the optimal dose in a single trial—not six. They can identify dud drugs early. The approach can require significantly smaller sample sizes and save big companies billions of dollars. There’s just one mathematical fly in the clinical ointment. Adaptive trials will,…more...

Focus on Hiring


MDS Pharma has a new general manager of global development business—a guy who’s worked for lots of biotechs and pharma companies, and who is eager to hire.

Legal Prowess, PR Fumble

Merck’s Deeper Peril

An article in the Harvard Business Review in February 2007 outlines the mistakes of companies that do not engage the media, and offers a prescription for regaining a good public image.

Pharma's Reputational Rehab

On Winning Hearts And Minds

Our sense is that ordinary Americans could still be persuaded that the drug industry serves an important role in taking basic scientific research and delivering it to a local pharmacy or loved one. But the industry needs to produce its scientists and specify how its products improve life, save money and prevent surgery.

Annals of the Law

Manual to help lawyers sue Merck

The Vioxx debacle continues.

$9M Verdict

Merck Vioxx Loss

Jury: “Wanton and willful disregard”

FDA's Graham To Testify

Whistleblower Must Speak

Dr. David Graham of the FDA once publicly estimated that Merck’s painkiller Vioxx had caused 160,000 heart attacks and strokes.

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