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Clinical Cockpits

Better Clinical Data Aggregation

January 05, 2011

In 2011, with electronic data capture (EDC) systems in broad usage, there is only one deep question about the technology that remains. To wit: should EDC be confined to merely gather and clean data? Or should it also facilitate complex operational decisions while trials unfold? Just getting EDC to talk to other clinical systems can be a challenge. “We've been working on this problem for many years,” says Peg Regan, president and CEO of PharmaPros. Her Boston-area firm can easily display data out of three top EDC systems (from OmniComm, Medidata and Oracle). Just as a jetliner’s instrument panel shows a pilot what he needs to know, PharmaPros builds clinical cockpits with data from systems for EDC, imaging, randomization, monitoring, safety, lab results and patient diaries. In all those cases, PharmaPros specializes in presenting operational data. (Here’s an earlier ClinPage article on the company.) By analyzing a study protocol, and learning…more...

Profile: Intrinsic

Central Imaging Labs, v. 2.0

November 18, 2010

Given the highly cautious, risk-averse nature of the people purchasing clinical trial services, one might expect a rough launch for a new imaging core lab in San Antonio, Texas. …more...

Clinical Efficiencies

Abbott: Tighter Trial Budgets

October 12, 2010

There are people who feel clinical trials are artistic endeavors. That the same practices which drive efficiency in other industries cannot be applied to clinical development, any more than efficiency is…more...

$400 Million Niche

Imaging Core Lab Nuances

September 03, 2010

Whenever we publish anything about imaging core labs, it seems, a good Samaritan rushes forward to point out all of the room for improvement in our previous articles. It's moderately discouraging…more...

7 Questions For Core Labs

Modern Imaging Benchmarks

August 18, 2010

What are appropriate turnaround times as images pass through the different stages of a clinical trial? Is the pharmaceutical industry applying outmoded thinking? Here's the context for such questions. A few weeks back, we ran an article on benchmarks in imaging. In brief, Perceptive Informatics, a division of Parexel, had adopted some standards in consultation with a…more...

Data Integration Tool

Quintiles’ Infosario System

August 03, 2010

Last Friday, we wrote up the recent Drug Information Association (DIA) presentation by Quintiles VP of global data solutions, Thomas Grundstrom. But the ground rules of the DIA meeting bar speakers from self-promotion or advancing the messages of their employers. That left us with a few unanswered questions. Grundstrom was happy to address those in a conversation…more...

Quintiles At DIA

Toward Quality Trials

July 30, 2010

It’s easy to give a sharp salute to "quality." What modern research organization would oppose it? Quality refrigerators, quality cars, quality overnight packages can be defined easily. Quality in a clinical trial is a bit murkier. By definition, every trial is one of a kind, with clinical, operational, regulatory and technological aspects that are unique. Having said…more...

Pfizer Supplier

Kforce On CRA Retention

July 09, 2010

Large life science companies have fired untold tens of thousands of employees during every year of the ongoing downturn—a period of both financial chaos and pharmaceutical mega-mergers. Here's one estimate, and another. Yesterday, having digested Schering Plough, Merck announced it would terminate 15,000 people and close eight research locations. Which doesn't mean the research industry is devoid…more...

Perceptive & MCC

For Imaging, Standard Metrics

The IT division of Parexel will defer to an industry organization’s definitions for imaging project reports.

Site Profile

Veterans-Centric Research

Veterans like to participate in clinical trials, and a top California site knows how to ask.

Ethics Study

Rewarding for Recruitment

A Toronto neonatologist looks at the effects of encouraging scientists to recruit patients.

Pleasant Surprises

ClearTrial Refines Budget App

The trial planning and cost-estimation firm has improved its tools to allow more tailored projections.

90 Trials Together

Quintiles Alliance with Solvay

Harvard Business Review studies an alliance between Quintiles and Solvay.

Longer Cycle Times

KMR: Industry Contracting Worsens

The time necessary to contract with a site isn’t any faster than three years ago.

All Sites Benchmark

MCC Goes Sigma

Quality-improvement principles infiltrate metrics in a far-reaching industry collaboration.

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