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Pfizer’s Diet

Innovation On Rise, Says Citeline

July 16, 2012

Is the industry’s reliance on me-too drugs on the verge of reversing? Could pharma be on the cusp of a new cycle of innovation? That’s the possibility raised by Ian Lloyd. He has been studying industrial R&D for more than 20 years and currently serves as editorial director of Citeline, part of the Informa empire of trade shows and scientific publications. Citeline recently issued its annual report on clinical R&D. The British firm draws upon a mix of proprietary, unpublished research and public data from government trial registries such as Biologics & Small Molecules Citeline’s research process is intensive. The organization monitors the medical literature and corporate press releases. That’s easy enough. But Citeline also periodically labors to verify that a much-heralded compound in clinical testing is in fact progressing toward regulatory approval or market launch. The vetting process knocks some projects out of the database, ensuring it contains only…more...

Parexel's Goldberg

A New Breed of CRO

June 17, 2011

Are there truly singular contract research organizations (CRO)? Or are CROs interchangeable, like airlines? It's not an academic question in an era when drug, biotechnology and device firms are offloading large…more...

Pfizer's Web Experiment

No Site? No PI? No Problem

April 05, 2011

It was a routine IND meeting at the FDA. Just a few low-level agency staffers were expected to attend. Instead, some of the FDA's most prominent, senior scientific and enforcement leaders…more...

Digesting The Deals

Can Oracle Be Small?

September 08, 2010

Way, way back in 2004, your correspondent covered a small Tennessee software company, SiteWorks Solutions. Oracle bought it and, uncharacteristically for Oracle, wanted to discuss the purchase. We interviewed executives at…more...

Tuesday News

Icon Profits Flat

July 27, 2010

A commercial North Carolina institutional review board (IRB), Copernicus Group IRB, has received ISO 9001 certification. The company has a paperless system to manage clinical trial forms. “To our knowledge, CGIRB is the only central IRB that has achieved this certification. It is further evidence to our clients and the subjects of research studies that the quality…more...

Pfizer Supplier

Kforce On CRA Retention

July 09, 2010

Large life science companies have fired untold tens of thousands of employees during every year of the ongoing downturn—a period of both financial chaos and pharmaceutical mega-mergers. Here's one estimate, and another. Yesterday, having digested Schering Plough, Merck announced it would terminate 15,000 people and close eight research locations. Which doesn't mean the research industry is devoid…more...

Pfizer's Michael Ibara

Toward A Neutral AE Facilitator

April 23, 2010

Some people are happy with incremental progress. A long career in drug safety has left Michael Ibara searching for a bigger leap forward. He's the architect of a potential alternative to the present drug safety morass of paper, faxes, and inefficiency. As head of pharmacovigilance information management at Pfizer, Ibara organized the Aster project, an exploration of…more...

Vagelos Podcast

Merck’s Wise Man

May 29, 2009

Most of the ClinPage podcasts are done in a pretty typical Q&A format. Today, however, we're posting a different type of audio: some snippets from the 2009 Clinical Trials Congress, held earlier this year. We thank the Institute for International Research (IIR), which organizes a fabulous conference every year, for their permission to do this. The speaker…more...

Whale Watching

Projecting Pfizer Revenues

Thoughts on the numerical implications of the impending mega mergers between Pfizer-Wyeth and Merck-Schering-Plough.

Lilly, Centocor, Pfizer

2009 Clinical Trials Congress

In a sobering but illuminating first day, the 2009 Clinical Trials Congress surveyed the industry and considered a new idea: economics.

R U Txtng Px Yet?

Pfizer Picks Exco SMS

Exco InTouch discusses Pfizer’s endorsement, and the use of its technology in a new type of project.

Great '08 Contraction

Pfizer, GSK Reassess R&D

Thoughts on recent sponsor news: GSK cuts hundreds of R&D jobs and Pfizer abandons cardiovascular disease.

Pharmica, Merck, Genzyme Strategies

Finding The Right Metrics

What to count (or not), and why.

Strategies from Wyeth, Actelion & Pfizer

CTC 2008: Proactive Risk Abatement

A report from the Clinical Trials Congress about risk. One message: start a regulatory conversation early. And consult your preclinical team.

A Tale Of Two CROs

Pfizer Tackles Clinical Efficiency

With impressive numbers, Pfizer’s Mike Collins talked about how the company is streamlining its clinical trial process.

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