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Consumer Grade Usability

PHT: Better Diary Reports

August 29, 2011

With the basic features and functions in place, many providers of clinical trial software are busy refining the ways that users get information in and out. Reports have been newly modernized at patient diary firm PHT, based in Boston, where Sheila Rocchio is VP of marketing. She made it clear that the company isn’t remaining complacent about its electronic patient-reported outcome (ePRO) platform. Its new reporting system was developed by a third party, and tested within the ISO-validated process that PHT uses for all improvements to its system. ISO-vetted systems are billed as more robust than just any garden-variety software development process. Reporting Makeover The new PHT reporting platform runs entirely online, inside a web browser. “We certainly had a robust set of reports around compliance and enrollment,” says Rocchio. But the new system is a quantum leap toward the zero-training sorts of systems that consumers expect on the web. Says…more...

Industry Survey

Frost Report on CROs

September 29, 2009

What's to become of the contract research organization (CRO) industry while the economy attempts to right itself? According to a recent report by Frost & Sullivan, there's good news: the CRO…more...

Tuesday News

India Trials Report

September 22, 2009

DZS Software’s web-based clinical trial management software (CTMS) ClinPlus was selected by the medical device maker PhotoThera. The company plans to use ClinPlus in a clinical trial on a noninvasive transcranial…more...

CDASH Webinar Tomorrow

Carbonic e-Case Report Forms

February 13, 2008

The good news is: cloning works. The catch? You have to rethink your most cherished and convoluted case report forms (CRF). Barely two years ago, CDISC president Becky Kush, the well-travelled…more...

Inspired By Google

TrialStat: Better EDC Reports

November 19, 2007

It’s one thing to get the data into an electronic data capture (EDC) system. But in the battle to differentiate themselves, the providers of the pivotal technology are now trying to focus on the ease (or lack thereof) of getting data out. Which is why TrialStat has released an enhanced version of Clinical Analytics (CA), its web-based…more...

Monday News Briefs

AAI Pharma Goes Into Hungary

November 12, 2007

Research and Markets has released the report “Clinical Data Management in India”. This report provides an in-depth perspective of the sector from different aspects. Topics such as the CDM value chain, markets, major players, regulations, growth drivers, issues and challenges, critical success factors and merger trends are covered. The report also analyses the performance of the industry…more...

Phase Forward, OmniComm, Target Health

Wednesday News Briefs

July 25, 2007

Clinical technology suite Phase Forward reported another apparently effortless set of strong financial results. Revenues for the second quarter of 2007 were $31.5 million, a 28 percent increase from $24.7 million in the second quarter of 2006. Within total revenues, electronic data capture license, application hosting and other related revenues were $22.8 million, an increase of 39…more...

Oracle, etrials, Pfizer

News Briefs

April 20, 2007

etrials Worldwide, a provider of eClinical software and services that optimize clinical trial management, announced that it has signed a contract with an undisclosed U.S.-based pharmaceutical company. Solutions and services provided by etrials will enable the company to capture, manage, integrate and analyze trial data using etrials’ electronic data capture (EDC), electronic diary (eDiary) and interactive voice/web…more...

EDIS, EMR, Finesse Solutions, GenoLogics

News Briefs

A few news bulletins for Tuesday, April 10.

New Tools, More Trials?

Radical Drug Safety Shift

Proposed legislation would profoundly alter the U.S. drug safety landscape.

Google Analytics v. Sawmill

Reports From Web-based Tools

ClinPage examines two strong tools for web-generated reports on internet traffic. We speculate on whether their functionality may be applied to the realm of clinical trials. A recommendation that does not start with “G.”

New 18-Month Window

Eschenbach Talks Safety On PBS

PBS interviews the new FDA commissioner, who does fine. PBS doesn’t do so well.

Regulatory Solutions

Icon Picks Sparta Systems

Company wins CRO business for tracking regulatory workflow and global quality.

New Pharmacovigilance Tool?

HHS Plan For Safety Data

Could Part D data from Medicare be used to make better decisions about drug safety? A new regulation and pilot projects to study the question were announced in mid-October.

Meeting Military Specs

ProSanos Grant

Pentagon taps ProSanos technology for analysis of clinical trial data.

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