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Enterprise EDC Deal

Medidata On Wyeth Win

October 25, 2007

Were they dating? Engaged? It appears Wyeth and Medidata Solutions have been married for some time, at least from hints about “eleven months” of using electronic data capture in the news release that posted yesterday. This week’s formal announcement is a seven-year, enterprise-wide uptake of Medidata’s EDC product by Wyeth. That big pharma has been one of the few to ponder the evolution of the EDC landscape deeply, and to have well-developed and publicly stated ideas on what the technology should be able to do for the industry as a whole. (Here’s a previous ClinPage story about a Wyeth presentation at the Clinical Trials Congress.) Medidata’s co-founder, president and CEO Tarek Sherif checked in with ClinPage earlier this week. “It’s a big deal for Medidata,” says Sherif. “It’s also exciting industry-wide. Wyeth is very EDC-savvy. Wyeth is a great example of a company that is standardizing on EDC. They saw a…more...

Clinical Data Repositories

Laszlo Tackles The Future, Part II

October 10, 2007

Yesterday, in a separate story, we talked with consultant George Laszlo about clinical data repository (CDR) functionality and terminology. This article is more forward-looking, and mentions some choices and long-term benefits…more...

Clinical Data Repositories

Laszlo Tackles The Future, Part I

October 09, 2007

Is the data-handling part of the pharmaceutical industry being inexact in its use of some key terms? Is it preparing intelligently for the future? Consultant George Laszlo wonders. On the terminology…more...

Cambridge Silo Killers

Rethinking Data Warehouses at Waban

July 17, 2007

In the movies, scientists scour databases to find what they need in a few keystrokes. In the real world, it’s surprising just how limited and narrow most clinical trial databases are.…more...

Optimizing Clinical Architecture

What Should Be At The Hub?

December 13, 2006

The high prominence of electronic data capture has obscured the importance of the clinical data management system (CDMS) and the clinical trial management system (CTMS). Neither is especially exciting or electrifying. That’s not our judgment. It’s obvious from the lack of investment or entrepreneurial activity in either the CTMS or CDMS niche that neither makes the financial…more...

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