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When Small Is Smart

Omnicare and Specialization

May 05, 2011

By appearances, the services offered by 1,000-employee Omnicare CR are identical to those performed by any large or mid-sized contract research organization (CRO). Omnicare handles the same standard therapeutic areas, the same typical functional areas of work such as trial setup, project management, monitoring and SAS programming. Appearances, of course, are not always representative of the energetic thrust of a company. James Pusey, chairman and CEO of Omnicare CR, had previously helped turn around a division of MDS Pharma prior to its sale to Inc Research. Last week Pusey helped to finalize the sale of Omnicare CR to investors at Nautic Partners for an undisclosed sum. He'll continue on as the chief of Omnicare CR, which will eventually be renamed to avoid confusion with its former corporate parent, a nursing home chain. Pusey notes that several big CROs were in the bidding for Omnicare, and that Nautic was chosen partly for…more...

Appreciating Repositories

Eliassen: Clinical Data Specialists

December 24, 2010

It's a great debate, and far from over. Some analysts predict the large contract research organizations (CRO) will eventually manage the bulk of industry-sponsored research. Others predict that mid-tier and specialty…more...

Cross Indemnification

Why It’s Your Fault

June 25, 2010

If you're a clinical research site accepting studies from industry, you've probably seen it. The dreaded cross-indemnification clause. It's an increasingly common element of standard contracts. Under cross indemnification, sites take…more...

Covance Case History

Six Sigma and CRF Pages

November 04, 2009

Lean sigma. Six sigma. Lean six sigma. They are buzzwords in the pharmaceutical and contract research organization (CRO) industries, with executives tossing around “black belt” and “green belt” references at conference…more...

Clinical Cloud


March 04, 2009

The software that ordinary people prefer is getting simpler. Easier. And it’s increasingly running not on a desktop computer, like Microsoft Word, but online. Last year, the web ratings firm comScore estimated in this Powerpoint deck that, in the U.S., an impressive 78 percent of users had tried a small, internet program called a widget. Widgets are…more...

Proactive Safety

SAS, GSK At SCDM Meeting

October 30, 2008

Does the pharmaceutical industry need to rethink the management of drug safety data and pharmacovigilance? A few companies already are. That was clear at this year’s annual Society For Clinical Data Management (SCDM) meeting. Appropriately, the session tried to explore the tenuous technological links between two areas of human expertise: the medical interpretation of drug safety issues…more...

Stopping Traffic

Coast IRB’s DIA Psychic

June 27, 2008

It’s hard to compete with 540-plus exhibitor booths for the attention of 8,000-plus people meandering around. Actually, it’s way beyond hard. But a few companies at this year’s Drug Information Association (DIA) conference in Boston managed to captivate us. Chief among them: the standard-sized booth of Coast Independent Review Board (IRB). The Colorado Springs, CO-based IRB hired…more...

Process Parallel To FDA

New SAS Safety Tool

June 24, 2008

Could the pharmaceutical industry manage clinical data more intelligently, using software to go toe to toe with Steve Nissen of the Cleveland Clinic? Would such tools ensure more consistent communications with regulatory bodies? Properly executed, could better software even deflect a meta-analysis cooked up in academia? The answer from SAS is yes. At this year’s annual meeting…more...

New Owner, Less Turnover

PRA Growing, in Flux

The large CRO recently moved its headquarters and went from public to private.

Nudging By FDA

FDA-Ready Graphs From Insightful

Inspired by Web 2.0 tools that foster sharing and collaboration, Insightful Software released new software to generate charts and graphs in a regulated setting.

Clinical Data Repositories

Laszlo Tackles The Future, Part II

Four options for those considering where to put cleaned clinical trial data in the future

Clinical Data Repositories

Laszlo Tackles The Future, Part I

A consultant discusses why the industry is using the wrong word for a key part of the clinical trial datascape—and why it matters.

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Follow the Metadata

SAS, Medidata Partner

The leading biostatistical house and a top EDC vendor say they have a better way to move clinical data toward analysis.

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