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Soft Skills

Real World Data Management

October 29, 2010

At the 2010 Society for Clinical Data Management meeting in Minneapolis earlier this month, one of the most engaging presentations was from Calvin Stewart, a program data manager at Pfizer. He provided a glimpse into the real world of clinical data management from the sponsor perspective. For starters, Stewart said, forget about that newfangled email software you may have heard about on TV. Just drop it. Try the phone. “It is easy to bark an order in email,” he said. “But it builds a poor rapport. Don’t demand that things be done. Ask that they be done. This is basic people skills. Talk to them like they’re a person.” Stewart was certainly a person. He had a few butterflies in his stomach at the podium but soldiered on anyway. Once he could sense a few hundred fellow data managers in the room were hanging on every word and impressed by his…more...

Vendor Amnesty

Shooting Our Hobbits

September 18, 2008

Long story short? The ClinPage vendor universe had a problem this week. A little ... Situation. In brief, one of the technology companies supporting this, the industry’s top online clinical trial…more...

Redmond's Got Game

Microsoft Tiptoes Toward Clinic

July 02, 2008

Microsoft Word documents and Excel spreadsheets are as ubiquitous in the life sciences as in any other industry. In the clinical trial space, the question is: does having trial-related data in…more...

What Would Dennis Do?

7 Questions: Parexel-ClinPhone Deal

February 20, 2008

Little is known. But what’s there is tantalizing. Parexel International has offered to buy ClinPhone. ClinPhone has rebuffed the overture for now. Matters may go no farther. A merger of the…more...

A Phase IV Push?

INC Research, Medidata Alliance

January 29, 2008

There can be a slight chill between contract research organizations (CROs) and electronic data capture (EDC) firms that work together. In a pinch, either firm could dent the credibility of the other. It’s not always clear whether this CRO or that EDC firm might be included or omitted from a future bidding opportunity. INC…more...

Custom Training DVDs

Lights, Camera, Enroll!

December 17, 2007

In a hurry to dramatically increase enrollment for a trial? Have traditional methods lost their effectiveness? Then consider a custom DVD for principal investigators and other research staff. It will get them more invested in what you’re doing and simultaneously provide compelling instruction. Instead of the usual monotonous production featuring talking heads droning on and on for…more...

Thursday News

$100M CRO Investment Spree

December 13, 2007

Jim Walker, chairman and CEO of clinical and regulatory systems firm Octagon Research Solutions, announced that it has completed the conversion of electronic clinical study data to CDISC’s Study Data Tabulation Model (SDTM) format in over 100 studies across eight therapeutic areas and 2,500 domains. Dave Evans, Octagon’s chief information officer, noted, “We have gained significant experience…more...


Clinipace Tools For Data, Projects

December 07, 2007

Rapid growth in the electronic data capture (EDC) industry is unfolding. If it resembles other sectors of the technology space, a handful of companies (or even a single firm) could dominate. It’s not clear which of the current entrants will emerge as the IBM or Microsoft of the clinical trial industry. But it could also play out…more...

Enterprise EDC Deal

Medidata On Wyeth Win

The EDC giant talks about the meaning of the Wyeth decision and where the EDC market is headed.

Tough Times

Quarterly Finances at etrials

Revenues are up, but etrials says it is reorganizing its strategy, with new sales staff and attention to service.

Diary Meeting, Criterium, FCG

Monday News Briefs

Bulletins for July 23.

Phase Forward, NextDocs, Medidata

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News for Wednesday, June 20.

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eResearch venture, FDA testimony, Sparta Systems

Clinipace, ICMJE, Axxora, ClinPhone

Today’s News

News For Friday, June 8.

EDC As A Weapon

Kendle Chooses ClinPhone

After building in-house electronic data capture systems for two previous employers in big pharma, Sylva Collins picks ClinPhone for Kendle. She predicts faster adoption of EDC than is widely expected.

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